Get clarity around what you want and how you want to achieve it


Everybody thinks more clients = Success

But you don't need  more clients to scale!

If you create structure in your business and get clear on who you ideally want to work with and under what terms it's easier to scale with less new clients.

I help video business owners work to their strengths, create consistent income,  overcome procrastination and attract clients who value them and pay the true market value.

I share what I know and have done myself...

Building a business on your own is hard

I discovered the hard way that it's actually quite a lot harder work running a business than you first think.

In 2009 we started our business and sold $363,000 worth of training DVD’s.. We thought we'd cracked the code - making money was easy..

Until 18 months later when we couldn't give them away. 

Ever felt like you are burning yourself out? 

If you've ever woken up at 3am panicking about how you’ll pay yourself next month.

Not booked family holidays because of the fear of missing out on work…

Or burned yourself out on 100hr+ weeks doing everything yourself just so you can keep all the profit for yourself.

That was me, and I was knackered… something had to change

I wanted a better life so invested over $128,815 on business education. 

I wanted to learn everything I could so hired coaches, flew around the world to attend marketing and personal development events and read every business book I could. (and still do)

How I went from Freelance Shooter to Business Owner

Here's a brief history of my 10,000+ hrs in the field working hands on in the video industry.

I had the dream career! 

I travelled the world, filmed in over 50 countries, shot 3267 interviews was a camera man shooting factual, light entertainment, sports, travel & documentary.

I met celebrities, filmed movie premieres, and met A-listers and fascinating people from all walks of life. I did my time in the field and I loved every minute of it. 

Then disaster struck in 2001...

I was shooting in Chamonix, France when I slipped, shattered my ankle in 2 places and wound up being airlifted off the glacier. 

The break was bad enough but compounded with arthritis.

I was told I'd never shoot again... All I knew was being a location cameraman - what was I going to do now?

New Directions

I  worked in  business development for 5 years in equipment rentals and sales learning the hard edge of commerce but I soon tired of the corporate life. 

My first 'solo' business ventures had me partnering with the vogue bloggers of the day, producing thousands of training DVD's for DSLR's and creating great revenue streams for them... I was very much 'behind the scenes' back then,  'producing' but I did present a number of training programs.


DSLR Revolution

Down the line I DP’d live gigs with Duran Duran, Shot commercials with  Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid and did a bit of touring with Robbie Williams… (all because of lighter DSLRs)


Corporate Video Production

We ended up producing large scale launch films for the likes of Sony, Zeiss, O'connor tripods and other large equipment brands.  I produced launch films for Sony A7s, PXW-FS7, PXW-FS5 and a host of others. 

Thats when i realised you could run a highly profitable business making 'corporate videos'

Speaking at Events

I've given keynote lectures at BVE in London, IBC in Amsterdam, NAB in Las Vegas.  Spoken in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Sydney, Taipei, Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, Hyderabad, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Writing Books

I wanted to create a resource that would help others working on the video industry so wrote 3 books to help figure out the business side of video.

Get them here

Coaching other Video Businesses...

In June 2016 I held a 2 day business growth summit in London.  It was so well received that we created our first mastermind group after that event which has evolved into the Video Business Accelerator™

Here's what our members say

We asked them what their biggest lessons from 2019 had been


If you are ready to shift from your current mode of ‘doing business’ to a more structured, predictable and profitable video business, then I want to help you.

Watch a case study from one of our members to see if his story connects with you and your journey in business.

About Den Lennie

Den Lennie is a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist who partners with Video Professionals to grow their Video Business. After spending nearly a 2 decades working in Video Production and broadcast , Den knows what it takes to scale a video business

Den Lennie has spoken about video production around the world, including NAB, IBC, BVE and at events in The USA, Europe, Australia and Asia for Sony and YouTube

Den has written 3 books on the business of video and hosts a twice weekly podcast 'How to Scale A Video Business'. He now resides in Noosa, Queensland in Australia and spends his weekends playing drums and cooking prime cuts in his smoker.

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