How Thinking "small" Can Be Extremely Profitable - Andrew McLean EP # 093

case study podcast strategy May 28, 2020

Andrew is the founder of Sydney Video Producer, a professional video production and marketing company. With over a decade of experience working alongside major brands and marketing agencies, Andrew has helped hundreds of organisations leverage video to promote, educate, and sell.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • A clever (and profitable) thing Andrew did to quickly replace the sizeable chunk of business he lost due to the COVID-19 (This is something any business owner can do, and Andrew breaks it down beautifully at 4:00)

  • How thinking "small" can be extremely profitable. - 5:05

  • Andrew's shrewd insight into the average business owner that can help you create a far more compelling sales pitch and convert more prospects into clients. - 6:00

  • Why completing a video for a client should be seen as only half the job. (Sadly, most video production owners see it as “job complete”. This is probably why so many video production owners don't have their client's full respect and gratitude even if the videos they produce are of good quality. So, what's the other half of the job? Listen in at 7:45)

  • A simple (but powerful) “mental shift” that has made Andrew's marketing messages far more appealing to his prospects. (Marketing your messages in this way is like catnip to potential clients. - 15:50)

  • A common request Andrew gets when talking to new clients that was hardly ever brought up just a few years ago. (This request goes to show that the average business owner is adapting to the digital age. This is good news to production companies who don't just focus on producing videos, but also see the bigger picture - no pun intended. - 21:00

  • Andrew's “2-minute crash” course on how to turn prospects into long term clients who love you and the thought of dealing with someone else never enters their mind. - 25: 25

  • Andrew's raw and honest reason why he joined Den's business Video Business Accelerator - 29:00

  • How your highfalutin “expert status” can hurt your social media marketing. - 31:00

  • How selling less has helped Andrew's business make more sales. - 32:30

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    About Andrew

    Andrew McLean is the founder of Sydney Video Producer, a professional video production and marketing company that helps organisations leverage video to promote, educate, and sell.



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