How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #101 - The Dark Side of Running A Video Business with Danny Lacey

growth mindset podcast Jun 25, 2020

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  • An almost forgotten way to grow your client base.  Danny used this old-school way to nab his first few clients back in the day, and it works just as good today! - 3:45

  • When speaking before you thinking can be extremely profitable, especially when responding to client requests. - 6:50

  • Why you should always be building your Rolodex. - 6:30

  • How Danny bounced back with a vengeance after his business took a devastating hit. – 7:00

  • Danny's game-changing epiphany that helped him build his business. (This eye-opening insight came at a time when Danny's business had just lost his major source of income and the wolf was at his door. - 10:05)

  • How to get new business while eating a bowl of cereal. - 11:25

  • The dark side of being a business owner. - 13:20

  • A little-talked about benefit of hiring a business development manager. - 14:05

  • The "4-word sentence" that's pure and unadulterated bull crap. If you ever hear these four words come out the mouth of a business owner, you'll know they're full of it! - 14:35

  • Danny opens up and reveals a few business battle-scars he's got along the way. - 17:00

  • Why you should consider moving to a small regional town if you're a video production company. - 21:00

  • Danny's unorthodox "Next Room" marketing strategy that works like a charm. This marketing strategy may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you've got the stomach for it, follow Danny's advice at 22:15

  • What many videographers say about marketing that makes Den want to slap them silly! - 27:40

  • Commonsensical business advice many smart business owners blithely ignore. - 28:50

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