Advice for Getting Clients You'd Be Nuts Not to Take with Phoebe Lee & Matt Turk - EP #089

Today in the studio, we have Phoebe Lee and Matt Turk - Together they are Little Grey Box award-winning Travel Bloggers and YouTubers.

Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. Together, this charming couple formed a business called Little Grey Box. They work with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with an audience reach of 110,000+

Their business has a truly unique business model that you'll hear all about in this nitty-gritty interview.



Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • Why Matt and Phoebe left their cushy jobs, their nice apartment, and Queensland's gloriously warm and beautiful Sunshine Coast to go and live in a city that's often described as dark and gloomy. - 3:30

  • What Phoebe accidently blurted out to her husband in Bali after a few cocktails that totally changed the direction of their lives. - 4:00

  • A clever thing Matt did when partying with his mates that helped form their travel blog business. - 7:30

  • How a fool stunt (kinda) landed Matt and Pheope their first client. - 8:40

  • A big advantage self-taught camera operators have over their highly-trained counterparts. - 9:20

  • A surprisingly simple way to turn clients into repeat business. - 11:00

  • The ugly truth about operating a Travel Blog business. - 12:00

  • Why Phoebe inwardly eye-rolls every time somebody says to her, "It must be great to go on holidays for a living!"  - 17:20

  • Advice for getting clients you'd be nuts not to take. - 18:20

  • Why content creators need a serious amount of testicular fortitude. - 25:50

  • A “criminally underrated” success principle that if embraced, will have you working in the thin, rarefied air of the world's industry captains.  - 28:00

  • The “blessing and curse” of working with your significant other. Matt jumps in quick to respond to this one! (At 30:00, you'll hear what Matt has to say about working alongside his laydee.)

About Pheobe and Matt
TravelWell with YouTube videos and written guides by an Australian couple, Phoebe, and Matt. Award-winning travel bloggers, YouTubers, and creatives.

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