An almost never talked about benefit of having a highly systemised business - EP #110 with David Jenyns

business systems podcast Aug 26, 2020

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Dave Jenyns founded  Melbourne Video Production without being a filmmaker, yet he  built a successful video production company which he then sold  on the back of his very unique skill set: creating super-efficient business systems. This is a must-hear episode for anyone who managers or runs their own business or company.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den and Dave have a little confab about Dave's new book. Ah, so what? Everyone's written a book these days, right? Maybe so, but not many people have written a no-nonsense book that delivers a real step-by-step guide for transitioning from freelancer (i.e., an overworked one-man band)  to business owner (i.e., owning a business that runs like a fine Swiss watch even without you!) Well, Dave has... and he's disclosed all his secrets to making the transition from working IN your business to working ON your business… all thanks to his hard-won and proven system. - 1:10

  • Why Dave's new book is the logical next book to read after reading Michael E. Gerber's popular business book The E-Myth. - 2:35

  • Why starting a business in an industry you have zero skill set for can be a HUGE advantage. - 3:30

  • An almost never talked about benefit of having a highly systemised business. This benefit is perhaps the greatest reason of all to systemise your business right quick! - 5:15

  • Why entering a bathroom, walking up to the sink, and looking straight ahead is often the best way to spot the major bottleneck in your business. - 6:00

  • David reveals his proven 7-step process of eliminating bottlenecks in your business. (Plus... a near-perfect method for replacing yourself with virtual assistants, team members, and contractors so they can run the business for you almost on autopilot. Listen carefully at 6:50

  • The "CCF" secret to turning your business into a sales machine that generates plump profits whether you’re there or not! - 9:28

  • David tells the fascinating tale of how he landed a dream gig which had him working alongside the popular author and businessman Michael E. Gerber... all by sheer dumb luck! - 10:30

  • A surprise benefit of having a systemised business that almost nobody talks about. (This amazing benefit is probably why business owners who do have a systemised business seem to always catch a break. - 11:00)

  • How having tight, stringent, and unrelenting systems in your business can help you become more relaxed, more in control, and far more creative. - 18:05

  • The sticker Den has on his computer that helps him run his business instead of his business running him! - 21:00

  • What SystemHUB is and why you should care.  - 24:30

  • The 4 stages of business development every business owner must pass through to truly have a successful business. Sadly, 9 out of 10 business owners get stuck in stages 2 and 3. Here’s how to make sure you go all the way! – 32:00

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