Avoiding the freelancer trap when growing your video business - EP#69 with Keziah Robinson

finance mindset podcast Mar 04, 2020

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One of the common mistakes that video businesses make when moving from the freelancer model to a ‘proper business’ is thinking all the income that is generated by the business is their own personal income.  This is a risky strategy and so in today's episode, I speak with Keziah Robinson about how to avoid that pitfall.


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The "innocent" mistake many new business owners make that can land you in jail! - Listen up at 4:30

    • What "Hologram" financial goals" are, and why they're about as useless as nipples on a breastplate. - 7:00

    • 3 critical questions you must know the answer to when setting financial goals for your business. (Probably 1 in 1,000 small business owners know the answers to these questions, much less know the questions. - 7:50)

  • Keziah's controversial financial goal-setting advice that would have finance guru Dave Ramsay wincing and wringing his hands. - 8:00

    • The mysterious power behind writing down your goals. - 10:00

  • How NOT focusing on your business can help your business. (I know this sounds like doubletalk, but it ain't. Hear this at 11:00)

  • Why most people's dreams of being a business owner usually turn out to be nothing but flights of fancy. - 12:00

    • A clever “litmus test” to see if you're aiming too low in your business - 14:00
  • What the post-it-note on Den's computer says that gooses Den's productivity and keeps him out of the proverbial weeds. - 14:00

    • The surprising reason why Den stopped making videos of his podcast show. - 15:00
  • Den's profound business advice you should listen to at least 3x’s - 15:50
    • The best business advice Den ever got. (These wise words came from Den's former business mentor whose business blew up so much he retired in his 30's. - 18:30)

  • How many small business owners are unwittingly leaving a bundle of money on the table. - 22:25

    • A clever way to "flip the script" when negotiating with a prospect. (If you do this correctly, your prospects will be bending over backwards trying to impress YOU! - 24:00


  • A startling “truth” about Mother Teresa almost nobody talks about. - 29:00


About Keziah Robinson


Keziah Robinson, CFA is a business strategist, coach, and investor with 20 years experience working with CEOs, founders & business owners across multiple industries. Keziah's passionate about helping her clients harness capitalism as a force for good. Her tailored approach incorporates elements of design thinking and behavioral science.




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