Getting Clear on Your Offer and Marketing Message - Shorty EP #90

marketing podcast May 19, 2020

There has never been a better time to get clarity on your marketing message and target market. In this shorty, I share how you should approach this to help you come out the other end of this pandemic with a clear marketing offer. 




Episode Transcript

Den Lennie 0:02
Howdy guys, Tuesday the 19th of May, week 21 of 2020. Just checking in for this week shorty. And today I wanted to talk about the importance of marketing, especially now as things are starting to open up again. It's a great time to be marketing under control.

As always, we came off our weekly group coaching call with the Accelerator clients. And we did a workshop today, which I'll share a bit about with you Just a minute.

So, we've been focusing a lot of our effort recently on marketing within our community. And that's because really, there hasn't been a more important time to market your video business than there is right now, you know a lot of people have been out of work, and which has been tough. But that gives you time. And time is something we don't typically have a lot of spare. If we're out busy filming and doing post. So, you know, if you've never done any marketing, then now is a really good time to start thinking about them. You know, for a long time. A lot of businesses have just relied on word of mouth. That's how I came up through the industry or word of mouth marketing. It's like, you know, someone recommended you a job someone else recommends you. It's just not enough anymore to just rely on word of mouth and referrals. referrals are still a great source of business. But if you want to grow and really come up with this whole pandemic, stronger, then now is the time to start doing your marketing. You know, there's a marketing lag if you do 30 days of marketing Now, you might not see the results for another 60 or 90 days. But in 60, or 90 days time, you're going to start getting really busy. And what typically happens is when videographers and filmmakers get busy, they start marketing. And what happens is that lag then follows on so if you don't mark it for a month, in 60 or 90 days time, you're gonna find yourself without any clients, any prospects. And so, it's really important that you start to think about, you know, who it is you want to market to,

and what you're offering the market and what outcome you help them achieve. And this is something that typically you've probably never had to deal with before in your video business. And, you know, I don't have a crystal ball. So I don't know what's going to happen in the future. But what I can say is getting real clarity on your marketing message, real clarity on who you want to target. Real clarity on the outcomes you help them achieve is going to set you apart from 95% of the other videography companies out there. And it's just, you know, these crises that the crisis we've been facing recently, it is going to thin out the herd a little bit. And so if you're someone who's just going to hope that things will get back to normal, I'm here to say that they probably won't. So what can you do about it remember, only work on areas you can control and not things you can't we can't control how quickly this virus gets under control. We can't control the rules and regulations that our governments have imposed on us, restricting travel. But what we can influence is what we do with our time. And so, you know, what I'm observing is those people that are putting the work in, to figure out their target audience to figure out what they're on. For them to figure out how their solution actually benefits the end-user, they're going to do very well. And, you know, I've got to say, my members on the whole are smashing it. And it's not because they're exceptionally talented. I mean, they are. But it's because we follow a very consistent approach to marketing to getting together every week to making sure like today, for example, we were working on something called a marketing equation, which is just a kind of a way of solidifying each target market into its own vertical and coming up with a very short sentence that describes who you help, how you help them and what outcome they're going to achieve. And a couple of the guys this morning which is like my God, this is amazing like how quickly this is solidified what they do and who they do it for. And this act as an anchor acts as a foundation for the rest of your life. marketing efforts. So when you start to look at advertising and paid advertising, your messaging becomes very clear. All too often I see websites online, and it, you know, the expression is the 'Wee'  all over themselves.

You know, we this, we that we're passionate. We're storytellers, blah, blah, blah. And like, the thing is, no one actually really cares, other than the filmmakers themselves. And that might be a tough thing to listen to. And you could be sitting there shouting at the speaker going, Wow, what do you know, then? The fact is, we work with businesses that get results. And we work with clients who hire those businesses, again, again, because they get results.

It depends on the client. And some clients may want super creative. Most of them actually don't. They want consistency. They want reliability, they want ease, and they want certainty. And so what's really important is you've got to be very clear on who it is you are targeting? Who is the person who's got a problem that you can solve? And what is the language that's going to have them say, Ah, yeah, those guys get it. They are exactly who I'm looking for.

That sounds like I need to speak to them. And then you frame your marketing equation in such a way that it builds curiosity. It builds a sense of entry. where someone goes, Yeah, that sounds like me. That sounds like the kind of outcome I want. I want to know more. And that's why we create a marketing equation. It's not enough to just go on and start throwing money at Facebook or Google or YouTube. And because if you're not clear on your message, and your targeting, then you really gonna struggle. And last week, we talked a bit about the five levels of customer awareness, Eugene Schwartz, and I got the date wrong. It wasn't the 1920s was 1960s. He wrote this book,  called breakthrough advertising. You can still buy this book but it's like it's 125 US dollars you know, it's come down in price, but actually there weren't many were many around.

And he talks about the five levels of customers aware and customer awareness and you can Google it. But, you know, if someone's completely unaware of your service or unaware they even got a problem. You're going to struggle to sell anything. And you want to move people through a process where they become aware they have a problem that has a need to be solved.

And once that need has been established, only then will the perhaps start looking at specific solutions, of which your offer may be one and but really, you know, you want to be selling to people when they are very aware they've got a problem. They're aware as a solution. Now choosing between a couple of solutions, and then the ideal scenario. You want to be the only solution. And that's what marketing does. Marketing moves people through different phases of awareness. levels, till they get to a point where you are the only person they're going to call. And that's why we're on our mastermind group because we're constantly talking about this and constantly sharing.

And on today's call, I think we had about 11 people on the call today. And every person had had a marketing equation that we then refined. So it really was like a kind of seminar-workshop where we actually worked on each and everyone's individual marketing equations, and everyone walked away kind of like pumped ready to kind of take the next level. So that's really why getting clear on your marketing message is so important. And my advice to you is make it about the person you're serving, not about you.

The more you can make it outcome-focused, the better it will be.

And of course, this is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing because once you've got your marketing equation, and you've identified your target market, then we need to look at messaging and understanding What are the problems that the market are experiencing? And start creating campaigns to answer each and every one of those problems.

And it's, I absolutely love it. I love marketing, I think it's the most the highest level of service, you know, you want to understand someone's problem and come up with a solution, a way to articulate that problem and that solution so that they automatically assume you are the authority that they want to work with.

And it's exciting to watch my members embrace this and see incredible results. In fact, one of the guys just last week to get even a very rough version of his marketing equation, and used on a few people and had a bunch of inquiries. And really, that's what it's all about. It's about helping you to make your life easier.

And through systems, you know, the marketing equations just yet another system. And I'm excited Tim, I'm gonna get Dave Jenyns back on the podcast shortly.

He's just finishing off with a brand new book and I had the opportunity to read it last week and it's brilliant. it's mind-blowing. And, and I'm a huge fan of anything systems because it just does make your life easier. And what that enables you to do is be more creative and ultimately, that's all we really want is to be more creative. So guys, and I've got the second part of the little grey box coming out on Thursday, but until then, see you then.



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