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mindset planning resilience May 06, 2020

So we've all taken a bit of a beating over Covid - what's next?  Resilience! that's what! It's time to pick yourself up and crack on.  In this Shorty, I share how you can build a strategic plan for the next 30 days. Get the Free Training here


Episode Transcript

G'day guys,

Tuesday the 5th of May.

just tuning in for this week's shorty.

Today was planning day in the Accelerator.

We spend the first Tuesday of every month refining our strategic plan.

I started today with a quote from

Jocko Willink about building resilience setting I'm sure you've had to do a lot of recently

and I think it's worth sharing with you

because, well, you know,

Jocko is a very smart guy. And he says, you know, building resilience

is a decision.

You got rejected.

What's your decision?

You can decide to go knock on another door, or curl up in a little ball and cry. My recommendation is you go and knock on another door and try again. That's resilience. And, you know, Jocko Willink is a retired US Navy SEAL. He's the number-one New York best selling author and New York Times bestselling author if you've not read his book, and then you could definitely go and check it out. It's, it's phenomenal. And certainly, one of the, the must-reads as far as I'm concerned. And what I love about Jocko is it's just all real, literally battle-tested theory and strategy. You know, it's not something that's just kind of come out of a book, he's dealt with a life and death situations and then extracted leadership decisions from them. And that I think is pretty it's pretty amazing anyway, and I hope you're doing okay. Here in Australia, things are being loosened off. I know in New Zealand, they've come out of stage four. And I'm observing that as some, you know, some plans for listing rest the world so I think What we've got to bear in mind is that this is all going to come to an end probably sooner than we realize. And so you want to be building muscle just not you want to be making sure you're ready for when things, you know, return to some level of normality. Now, walking with my clients, as I do in a weave, virtually everyone has been pivoting their business or pivoting their offer in some way. And one of the things is interesting that we discussed in today's call was that, you know, it within our environment, we don't allow to acknowledge that Coronavirus really exists, you know, I mean, we acknowledge it, obviously, but we don't let it become the reason why things can or can't happen. In fact, what we've done is we've fostered an environment where there is no negativity there is no negative news there is no and you know, influence that will prevent you from taking action. You know, we Want to build resilience in our community? And that's what we do.


how are you building resilience? How are you you know, where are you getting your support from? It's very important that you get support from the right people and don't listen to the news and don't listen to kind of you know, even well-meaning friends I mean social media Facebook's just rife with


you know, everything from the 5g to you know, the virus was started as a kind of cyber attack. I mean, none of this I have any interest in because we are in a situation where we are sort of my dog cheering my chair if you can just see that knowledge in the background. And you know, we are where we are. And we have to do with such a situation as it is. So, I prefer I prefer not to get involved in conspiracy theories and discussions that don't serve me or my clients. And he was sharing this one is called as it was a planning call. And we weren't, we were going around the group once we've done the planning session, we and we asked everyone to talk about, you know, 111 things to celebrate from the previous month, you know, what was one achievement? And then what was one lesson learned?

And so many of the achievements were

around, you know, acting quickly, not spending time, thinking too hard just going out and offering their clients something different. And, and also an acknowledgment of marketing and how, you know, you can spend a lot of time marketing your business, and often feel like no one's listening. But in actual fact, you're having a greater impact on the wider community than you perhaps think. I mean, This podcast is great example. I think we're up to Episode 85, something like that. And you know, It takes a while to get up there. And you know, you don't get any direct feedback you don't get you don't know your numbers of who's downloading and consumption and that sort of thing. But you don't really know who's consuming the content. I mean, I don't really know, most people who are at the end of the microphone. So as I look kind of request, I suppose if you've not connected with me in some way, and just consume in silence that and that's completely fine. And but I'd love to know where you are. So do me a favor and just go over to LinkedIn and search for me Den, Lennie d n l e, n, ie,

and just connect with me and tell me where you're listening from.

Because it's fascinating. I get stats and there are listeners all over the world. But I love to connect with you and we had a

message from a guy in Norway recently.

Someone in Canada and I would just love for you to share with me Where you're listening from?

Because I'm curious.

And if you feel like doing that great if you don't, that's okay too. But back to the planning. The thing with planning, we have something called the U quadrant. And I won't go into now because it's kind of quite involved. But we really what we do is we base our philosophies around the fact that you are driving your life in business seems obvious, right? But we have a review and attack process, but we talk about you as energy and you know, my self-discipline and self-control you have and how you score yourself and things like gold and time management and an awareness of where you need to get to.

I mean, look at the process, you know, how are you

prioritizing your long term outcomes? And, and are you saying no to requests that don't support your long term outcomes? And they had to create systems for execution? I mean, like outcomes, you know, you know, are you consistently completing goals and

making progress and getting results?

And are you intensely focused and on deliberate actions? Now, of course, we need to measure everything. So we look at tracking results against benchmarks and reviewing the process that doing doesn't work. And we had some discussion today about real marketing is walking, not walking. And it's really important that you kind of lookout for these things. And then and then we look at, you know, basically the main sections of your business, you know, marketing prospects, sales clients, delivery operations, and we and we score, you know, every month No, do you have a fully functioning marketing system that's consistently delivering qualified leads? Are your score out of 10? You know, and you have a consistent, measurable lead process and a nutshell process from moving prospects into buyers. How do you score?

Do you have a high converting sales process

and know what that conversion ratio is? Are your clients buying repeat from you, and they're happy to refine your business. And this is really crucial one, you know, are you able to run multiple productions simultaneously, without needing to be there coordinating everything. I know your process is documented and systemized and

detailed every step of the way.

And we look at these things every 30 days, what we do is we score out of 10. And then based on that score helps you focus your energy on where you need to spend your time next. And then we identify opportunities and we identify ways in which you can develop your focus and align and assign time in your diary to achieve those goals. And it's something that's there's I've been using this process for probably four years. That's based on a combination of different things, but various mentoring groups I've been in, but fundamentally it's from Vern Harnish Mastering the Rockefeller habits

and this way of

Um, you know, of planning strategically, has just enabled me as a creative to get more shit done like, you know without distraction without getting sidetracked onto B&H or looking at YouTube or Vimeo video. And what's really cool is that I just assigned blocks of time in a day to achieve certain things. And it really is a phenomenal process to follow. And one that I found to be very, very effective. So, yeah, lm, I'll actually post I'm gonna post the planning template up on the wall, I'm gonna make a video available on the resources section of the website. That kind of just gives an overview of this process. So if you're interested in grabbing that input the resources page over on the website at Den Lennie calm, and you can download a template and have a go at this yourself. I think I'll really help you

And then

yeah, I'll just finish up by showing

another Jocko quote, which I thought was very, very appropriate. I mean his thing is discipline equals freedom right?

And I very much agree with that.

But he says if you stop looking for a shortcut

and find your discipline and your will, then you will find your freedom. And I think that's pretty cool. You've been listening to the how-to scale a video business podcast with me Your host Den, Lennie. If you're a video business owner, it's hit the ceiling. We benefit from mentorship, support, and coaching, and check out how you can work with me over at Den Don't forget to subscribe and rate the show over on iTunes. And we'd really appreciate you taking a few minutes to leave a review. And don't forget to share. If you feel you've gotten value from this episode, and you think it would be useful for other filmmakers you know, and please do me a massive favor and share it on social media. groups that you might be in. See you next week.



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