How to handle Price Objections

dealing with clients Sep 26, 2018

How to handle price objections from clients


What you say to a client when they say “oh, you seem expensive”?

So you submit a quote to a prospect then you either

 1. either hear nothing


2. they say “hey it seems a bit expensive”.

What do you say in that circumstance?


Well, again it generally comes down to the relationship and the pre-frame.


But what you can say is: “well when you say expensive, compared to what”?


That's a great way to respond.


Open up the conversation.

You know a deal is never a black-and-white, yes or no decision.

There are usually layers and there are potential reasons why they have to stick to a certain budget.

But if you don't open up the communication have the conversation and it's very difficult to actively find a way to find that a middle ground.

So ask them what it is they're looking to achieve?

Why is they think is expensive because generally what that means that they've got another quote.
And you can actually say: “listen is it another quote you're comparing us to”?

Start discussing what there is line by line.

Because maybe they're using a different camera system perhaps they are charging for a 4k camera but they only the final output to be 720.

Then you can understand a bit more and say "okay well we can actually replace that with a 1080p camera and that way we can reduce our costs".


So it's all about opening up a conversation having a dialogue with a client so you can then figure out what's the best solution for both parties to walk away in a win-win situation.

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