How to Overcome Anxiety in business with Sam Lennie EP#057

anxiety podcast stress Jan 23, 2020

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For many business owners anxiety is a hidden burden that we all to often try to brush under the carpet

As an intuitive healer/therapist, this topic is right in Sam’s wheelhouse.  If you've ever experienced any form of anxiety or stress in your video business this episode will certainly help. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den's admittedly "odd" podcast intro. (And... he blames his wife for the unusual intro - 0:05)
    • The brave question Den asked his wife that probably only one man out of 1000 would ever ask.  - 1:10
  • Sam makes her podcast debut and rattles off her impressive (and unique) job description. - 1:45

    • Sam's "head to heart" secret for lowering work-related stress - or any type of stress for that matter. (This little-know stress-reducing secret is what's helped Den over the last 12 months stay cool under pressure and become more charming and less... well, let's be real, less of a pain in the backside. Hear this gem at 3:25)

    • A common “goof” almost every husband commits that not only annoys the hell out of their wife, but also adds unnecessary stress in the your business life. (At 3:30 you'll hear Den's eye-opening insight into this all too common blunder.)

  • Den's "partially informed" explanation of the power of the heart vs the head. - 4:40 (hey...we can't be experts at everything!)

    • Sam's informed expert explanation of the power of the heart vs the power of the head. - 5:50

  • Sam's head-smackingly simple (at least in theory) technique for making sound decisions especially when all hell is breaking loose and you feel as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. - 6:45 
    • The 3-letter word that's the secret to all good decision making. - 7:00

    • Sam's 3-minute seminar on how to dramatically reduce stress and live in a more fun and carefree way.  (This is where Sam really breaks things down Barney-style and gives real actionable techniques that even the manliest of men can do without feeling like a dork. - 8:00)

    • What Sam gets all her clients to do that makes almost all of them roll their eyes. (Yet this is probably the most effective and powerful thing anyone can do to live a more peaceful life. Hear this at 9:00)

    • The “mysteriously” effective Walking Meditation technique that's perfect for highly driven type A individuals who can barely sit still. (One of Sam's clients runs two large construction firms simultaneously and he swears by this technique. 9:25)

    • A simple (and very effective) way to tame your monkey mind. (If you find it hard to switch off all the mental chatter in your noggin, then pay close attention at 9:50)

  • A strong case for driving your car less. (And no, it's got nothing to do with helping save the environment. - 10:40)
    • Two little-talked about reasons why most people suck at meditation - 13:00

    • Sam pulls back the curtains on what REALLY goes on in her sessions with her clients and how they can come in stressed out their brain and leave feeling like all is well with the world. - 14:00

    • A strange (and totally overlooked) thing to read that can help you win friends and influence people. HINT: you won't find this in a book - 14:05

  • An eye-opening insight into what emotions really are. This fascinating explanation at 14:20 will change the way you view emotion, make you more self-aware, and... help you in your day to day dealings with others.

    • How to improve your shape without having to eat better or do one lick of exercise. I know this sounds strange, but listen up at 14:50.
  • The quantum physics behind how going on nature walks improves your mood and lowers stress. -15:00

    • The uncomfortable truth about what anxiety really is. - 16:00
  • Sam gives the full skinny on "State of Being" and breaks it down in a caveman simple way. - 17:00
    • Why you should never play chess when you're stressed. You'll never guess why. - 20:30

    • The “Yin Yang” secret to eliminating knee-jerk reactions that almost always end up with you acting like a buffoon and making poor decisions (Next time you're tempted to fly off the handle, just do what Sam teaches at 23:00 and watch what happens.)

    • The strange (and totally illogical and irrational) “trick” our brain plays on us that keeps us repeating the same idiotic mistakes time and time again. (This dirty trick usually happens when people's hot buttons are pushed. Here's a clever way to outsmart your brain... - 24:30)

    • Den opens up about getting bullied at school. - 26:00
  • The complete newbie's guide to meditation. (If you're a complete greenhorn when it comes to meditation and mindfulness, then listen up at 26:40)
    • 3 excellent meditation apps that are perfect for both beginners and the more experienced meditators. - 26:50
  • Den's astute "brute force" vs “the 5th dimension” observation. - 30:00
  • A little-known book that skeptics of meditation should avoid reading. (That’s right. If you want to STAY a skeptic, don't read the book Den mentions at 31:13)

About Sam Lennie

Sam is a highly sought after Intuitive Leadership Coach & Energy Healer who specialises in helping people that prefer an 'outside the box' route to personal growth and development.

She facilitates healing and direction in clients and helps them to understand where and how they are being held back from experiencing the fullness of relationships with others professionally and personally, AND with themselves.

Using the energy that's all around us, she assists them to release and re-pattern their thoughts, limiting beliefs and emotions to change their experience of life itself.

Whether it's securing bigger contracts at work, improving relationships at home or finding your partner for life, the beauty of this work shifts the body's energy field and really gets to the heart of the issue.

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