How to Protect Your Video Business From the Economic Impact of COVID-19 - EP #072

covid-19 podcast thrive Mar 17, 2020

Today, Den gives his unique (and refreshing) take on the Coronavirus and slides his jib on how you can THRIVE when everyone around you is just trying to survive!


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Here's a sneak peek of what you'll hear:

  • The two choices we have in these unprecedented times. - 1:00

  • The 5-second "movie dialogue" from a Steven Spielberg movie everyone should hear right now. (There are only a few simple words exchanged, but they are profound and relevant now more than ever. -2:00)

  • The REAL reason people go batshit crazy in times of crisis. (At 2:30 you'll hear Den give an astonishing insight into why some people's lizard brain starts frothing at the mouth, thus making them fight over toilet paper, start preparing bunkers in their basement, and being chicken littles on social media.)

  • 6 “laughably simple” questions to ask yourself that can potentially ramp up your sales even while the economy is taking a dump! - 5:10

  •  The intelligent man's way to consume the news. - 7:20

  • An idiotic social media post that proves being on social media lowers your IQ. (Sure, this person was just trying to help, but what she said made about as much sense as a circular firing squad. – 9:00)

  • Recent small business tax breaks and incentives you should know about. - 9:35

  • Why every business owner should take a leaf out of Dominos' Pizza's book. - 11:20

  • Den's down-n-dirty advice to videographers you'd be a dumb bunny not to take. - 12:40

  • How the Coronavirus can be good for business if you're a videographer.

  • Why NOT to paint your office right now. (I know this seems strange, but there's a lesson here. Full scoop at 14:50)

  • During this crazy time, should you take a step back or plow ahead? (Hear Den's honest to God opinion at 15:30)

  • How one of Den's clients created a job almost out of thin air! (Hear how he did this at 15:40 Best part? Anyone can do this.)

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