How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #097 - The Crash Course On Getting Started With Google Ads For Video Businesses - Mike Rhodes

google podcast ppc Jun 11, 2020

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Mike Rhodes is the Founder & CEO of WebSavvy and AgencySavvy

An internationally-recognised speaker and co-author of the most recent “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” with Perry Marshall.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • Two common ways small business owners lose the shirt off their back when using paid advertising. - 1:55
  • Mike gives a 4-minute crash course on getting started with Google ads. (Includes: what to do first, do's and don'ts, budget settings, and a clever branding trick hardly anyone does that's incredibly powerful and won't break the bank. Starts at 2:30

  • A sneaky target trick that can drive you more highly targeted traffic to your ads. - 5:00

  • The difference between "branding keywords" and "non-branding keywords" - and why you should care. - 7:10

  • What house auctions and Google AdWords have in common, and... how knowing this can help your ad campaigns avoid ending up in the increasingly crowded paid advertising graveyard. - 8:00

  • Why you should beware of Google's suggested ad bid. (If you're not careful, Google will melt your credit card at a speed and efficiency that would make even the most greedy of gold-diggers envious. - 8:20

  • A certain "mindset" needed in order to even stand a chance of making paid advertising a profitable venture. - 10:20

  • The "IE" method for making any paid advertising ultimately successful. - 10: 30

  • A huge blunder most small business owners make with the paid advertising that murders the profitability of their ads. (You could do everything else perfect, but if you make this profit killing mistake, it's all for nothing. - 12:00)

  • Two critical elements for creating high converting websites and landing pages. - 13:00

  • A clever way to put multiple ads in front of your website visitors who clicked away. - 15:00

  • How to use paid advertising to relentlessly follow up on people who have clicked your ads or visited your website without coming across as a creep or needy. - 16:10

  • A sneaky way to make your business look much bigger and more professional in the eyes of your prospects. 17:00

  • How to start using Google Adwords or any other paid advertising if you're a complete greenhorn who’s on a shoestring budget. - 19:15

  • Niching down with your marketing can be tremendously effective, but should you niche down with paid advertising? Hear Mike's answer at 28:12

About Mike Rhodes

WebSavvy was born in 2006 with the purpose of helping businesses grow and doing great work for interesting people.

The company was founded by Mike Rhodes, a legendary pioneer in the PPC industry (our words, not his. He’d be too embarrassed to read this, so let’s quickly move on), and co-author of the best-selling Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Since then, WebSavvy has grown into a team of 18 smart, dynamic people with industry experience, ex-Google employees, ex-small business owners. Oh, and a Shark Tank winner…

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