How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #099 - Ever Wonder If You're Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur? with Danny Lacey


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  • Danny Lacey is Founder and CEO of Stada Media, a fast-growing content marketing company servicing clients across the UK since 2014. A full-service marketing company working with brands of all sizes.

    Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

    • Danny rattles off the list of services his production company provides. (This takes some time because his production company offers a crapload of them! If you're wondering what a good add-on service or upsell for your video production could be... listen carefully at 3:20)

    • Why Danny's such a late bloomer in the video production business. - 5:00
    • Den and Danny (that rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it?) slide their jibs about the stigma that surrounds corporate videos.

    • The curious reason why Danny looks forward to shooting inherently "boring" corporate videos. Having to shoot a bunch of talking heads in front of a magnolia wall is like catnip for Danny.  - 8:50

    • Why most snobbish video makers are leaving a big bundle of money on the table. - 8:20

    • Danny's “secret sauce” for making videos so engaging that even folks who don't want to watch it can't look away! - 9:00

    • The surprising Christmas Eve phone call that dramatically changed Danny's business. (This unexpected phone call was a huge shot in the arm for Danny's business and took him from being a one-man-band working from his bedroom to becoming a serious business owner who works in a "real" office with his 9 employees. - 14:00)

    • Ever wonder if you're cut out to be an entrepreneur? Then do this test: ask yourself if you possess the two characteristics mentioned at 16:00. If you do have these two characteristics... congratulations... you've probably got the stuff!

    • A laughably simple recruitment "tool" that helps you know when to hire and who to hire. - 22:10

    • The case for journaling. If you're a business owner who would rather gargle battery acid than write... you may change your tune after you hear this... - 25:50

    • The REAL rich dad revealed! Den talks about the man who the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad book was based on, and why you should care. 26:30

    • A secret way of using an ordinary chair to increase your IQ and decision making. - 27:10

      About Danny Lacey

      Danny Lacey is Founder and CEO of Stada Media, a fast-growing content marketing company servicing clients across the UK since 2014. A full-service marketing company working with brands of all sizes.

      In addition to Stada Media, Danny is also a self-taught director and film maker who has a unique way of sharing his ambitious film making journey online. Picking up a camera for the first time in 2009, Danny has gone on to write, produce and direct 5 well-received short films and several documentary and TV projects.

      It was the way in which Danny was sharing all aspects of his film making journey that inspired him to do a similar thing with his entrepreneurship.

      Danny made a pledge in 2017 to share his business journey with an open and honest online documentation, coined The Diary of An Entrepreneur.

      The story so far...

      After spending 25+ years as a radio broadcaster, Danny recognised his entrepreneurial flair and started his own publishing company that grew rapidly and was bought out by a major publishing company 12 months later.

      Film and TV has always been at the heart of Danny’s ambitions, which led to the creation of The Filmmaker’s Journey, an online portal for independent filmmaker’s during which time Danny produced and directed 5 short films.

      Throughout this time, Stada Media was growing quickly, including being commissioned to set up and launch an independent channel on Sky TV – a six-figure contract for the business which included setting up the EPG, building studios and producing many hours of content.

      Danny’s proven business acumen combined with unstoppable creative energy has led to the development of multiple successful media enterprises over a 25 year period. Now focussed on delivering commercially viable and popular show for tv with several shows in various stages of production.

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