How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #103 -The #1 reason business owners hit a financial “ceiling” and can't bust through

mindset patience podcast Jul 02, 2020

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Today marks the 5-year anniversary of Den and his wife's arrival in Australia from jolly old England. Den reflects on the last 5-years and opens up about the challenges and the business lessons he's gleaned.

 Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The only guarantee in business. The answer to this may seem obvious to you, but no matter how certain this is to happen, most business owners still get caught out by this. - 2:35

  • How to make sure your product or service doesn't become as irrelevant as the DVD. - 3:10

  • Two clever things Den did when he arrived in Australia that helped kick start his business. Den did this when nobody knew him from a can of paint and his back was against the wall. Best part: you don’t need to be an expat or be starting a new business to do this. - 4:20

  • What question to ask yourself if you're thinking of niching down your market. Once you know the answer to this question...identifying your perfect clientele is duck soup! - 6:05

  • The #1 reason business owners hit a financial “ceiling” and can't bust through. - 7:10

  • Exactly how many years it took Den to get to a place where he feels like he succeeded. This will encourage some of you and probably discourage those who are just starting out in business. - 7:45

  • The tale of the Mexican fisherman. This fable contains are powerful lesson that could save you from a lot of unnecessary stress, frustration, and precious time away from loved ones. Listen up at 10:10

  • Why Den used to be obsessed with Aussie chicks. - 12:15

  • The “9-letter word” starting with "T" that perfectly describers Den. It's a good word, by the way, and...if this word doesn't describe you, I recommend you never try and start up a new business in another country. - 13:00

  • Den's unique definition of the word "no". - 13:40

  • The staggering amount of money it took Den to move to the Land Down Under. - 14:00

  • How to not F*** up your business. - 24:55

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