How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #105 - 4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker - Lauren Kress

neuroscience strategy Jul 09, 2020

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Today, Den interviews Lauren Kress. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science, with honors in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, a Masters in Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design is an expert in neuroscience, creative thinking, interactive media, and advertising for a global market place, and... a great sense of humour.

In this episode, Lauren reveals eye-opening insights into why people do what they do, and how this knowledge can help you win in business, and win big!


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • How having just a basic understanding of neuroscience can help fill your business's coffers. - 2:10

  • Why bored people are better problem solvers than people who are always highly engaged in activities. This counterintuitive truth is backed by science and is explained by Lauren at 5:30

  • Why CEOs and business managers should consult their team of creatives when they have business challenges that need solving. - 7:00

  • 4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker, and one very good reason to stop doing it right quick! - 9:05

  • Brain Fatigue - is it a real thing or just another made-up condition from pseudoscience? Hear Lauren's answer at 10:25

  • A surprisingly effective (and counterintuitive) way to boost your creativity without having to (1) do any goofy activities (2) take any cognitive enhancement drugs, or (3) take magic mushrooms.- 12:10

  • How to use an ordinary pen and paper to put yourself in a much better mood. (Doing this is guaranteed to releases a rush of dopamine even if at first you were down in the dumps. Bonus benefit: you'll become infinitely more productive, too! - 13:45)

  • The "Stop and Go" productivity method for getting more done in one day than most people get done in one whole week. - 15:20

  • Do you ever feel like you're not good enough? Well, you can try and suppress it, ignore it, and fight it, or... you can do what's mentioned at 16:10 and start prospering wildly.

  • Dirty “tricks” our brains play on us that cause even the smartest people to behave like buffoons and make moronic decisions.

    About Lauren

    After working in Brand and Content Marketing Strategy for the past decade, Lauren now focusses her attention on doing what she loves most: helping B2B experts showcase their talent with compelling content, conversations and case study interviews.

    The coronavirus pandemic was a catalyst for me to take a closer look at what she really wanted out of my life and helped her figure out how she could start carving out her path to achieve those goals.

    Now, working in partnership with studios, event organisers, agencies and production companies, she helps B2B thought leaders share their information in a candid and authentic way.

    When you're in need of a facilitator, presenter or interview host with cutting-edge insights and knowledge of the local and global B2B marketplaces, send her message to find out more about her packages suitable for brands both large and small.

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