Practice stretching yourself to get more predictable results. EP #129 - Shorty

podcast video business yoga Nov 03, 2020

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Today, Den talks about how stretching yourself can help your entire well-being and get you more predictable results in the business too!

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Episode Transcription

Den Lennie (2s):
Good day, guys. It's Den Lennie here on November the third for the How to scale a Video Business podcast, Shorty. So I I've started doing yoga, which, ah, I had no idea or making such small sleight movements that would work so many muscles And and also like makes me feel so exhausted. Its like, it's way worse than going to the gym, but it's also a fantastic and, and I want to share with you on a few of the things I've picked up along the way from doing it and the last few weeks.

Den Lennie (46s):
So I, I was at my local farmers market and in Noosa here and I'd met a guy called Richard who has a company called on a Friday broth and they make, can freeze dried chicken broth, bone broth. And I've been doing Intermittent Fasting for a little while now where I kind of don't eat for 16 hours and I eat for eight. And he said, Oh, you know, a lot of the body wants to move. And, and I spend a lot of time, there were additional, not in location anymore. I'm at my desk sometimes 10 hours a day. And then yeah, and I find myself getting really Steph. And I guess if you are editing, you must feel the same as it can be just just day is when you spend time in front of the edit machine. And as a result, you get really stiff muscles and neck muscles.

Den Lennie (1m 29s):
And I phoned that when now, and we moved up here to the sunshine coast. I just, I don't go to work anymore. Like I worked from home. So I mean, I was in Sydney. I used to kind of get on the bike or walk to work. And then I was in, we watched with lots of steps and I was always running around. So I became a very conscious of just not moving. I think that if you've been like, I can have some of the guys in Melbourne and Victoria recently and, and you know, they've been in lockdown for a living weeks. One of the challenges was just kind of keeping them motivated and keeping your sanity. And as we go into this week, you know, I am conscious that the UK has gone back into four week national lockdown and it is, it's tough. You no, it's not easy. And I think one of the things that's important to do is to look after your mental health and your wellbeing.

Den Lennie (2m 13s):
And so I phoned that I wasn't, I'm fortunate. I wasn't suffering from any kind of, you know, challenges around, you know, feeling down or anything. We're pretty fortunate. We've been largely untouched by coronavirus in Queensland for two or three months now. But I was conscious of being at my desk a lot and an F and focusing over a skin a lot. And so I Richard at the markets said, well, you should, you should try yoga. And and I've always sort of loved the idea if you had done a couple of classes in the past. But honestly I always felt very self-conscious, you know, I'm, I'm not the smallest guys and I'm not very flexible. And I guess, do you feel a bit self-conscious, you know, going to a yoga class in and thinking everyone's going to be looking at you, but so I joined the us men's yoga.

Den Lennie (2m 57s):
How did the new yoga center? And there are classes of like eight people and it's run by Dianne and Geoff who are a couple who have been running it for many, many years. And then they actually have a small business. They actually have a Lyft company, but we also do yoga in the site and then they run it above their garage. And it's just incredible. But I was at a session earlier today and just, it was really hard work and I recognize that I'm walking way harder in a one hour yoga session than I ever did at the gym because your holding pauses and you're holding positions for extended periods and some of the benefits I'll let you know, I feel like I've had to work out when I've been But more so mentally.

Den Lennie (3m 37s):
I just feel like I'm open and I'm calm and I'm relaxed and just stretching. And so my friend Richard, who's the boss of fatty broth guy. He said, do you know your gut two to three times a week? They will just would just do one. This one was for you. And it got me thinking about David Goggins. You know, David Goggins, if you have not read his book, it can't hurt me phenomenal book. And I was actually looking at it as waves. Instagram says, we just got an Instagram account and she was often posting stuff, but it Goggins. And she was, she'd put a post out and saying, you know, he basically, he, his daily ritual is just like religious. You know, he stretches for three hours a day. He exercises for two to three hours a day.

Den Lennie (4m 18s):
He is just a disciplined machine. And I realized that as Creators one of our biggest challenges is the discipline to do those kind of a seemingly mundane tasks over and over again. And, and so I have found that as I've matured as a business owner, there's a correlation between the discipline of consistency and output and outcomes. And when I work with, with clients who are not as disciplined or haven't yet developed the, the, the, the, the sovereignty and the consistency of discipline, I see patterns have kind of Rollercoaster are creeping back.

Den Lennie (5m 7s):
And I think when your freelance, the role of cost of things are very real. And I, I talk to her a lot of business owners and where we're at, when we're encouraging people to come in to the program and, you know, in the video business accelerator, it, isn't just a couple of something that you can pay them a fee and coming into, you know, we have quite a stringent application process and we VAT people and you know what, this is why we don't take probably half the number of people who apply. But what I see is I get to see into other people's businesses and they get to sense and, and predict where the problems are and where I see the businesses have the biggest problems or the ones that are not consistent and kind of find excuses, reasons, whatever, to, to not do something consistently because of a story that's running in their head or before it, because of a, of a habit that just formed over many years.

Den Lennie (5m 54s):
And, and it's hard to break and, and I get it, you know, but if you want to scale your business and in my mind by Scale, it might just mean to have a consistent income that you can predict. You know, I, if I could ask, you know, can you predict how much money are you going to make it in December and January and February? How could you tell me, or would it be a bit like, it depends, there's so much going on. And I think, especially for the Brits listening who are going into a second lock, then it's going to be a very easy too, to feel like fearful and worried that you know, that the government's not going to pay as much money at this time. I think there is a 40% of, of a self-employed they're going to be out, going to Naples.

Den Lennie (6m 37s):
I'm going to be, I was only going to be a sort of 40% benefit, but, but I want you to think about this is, is not to rely on government handouts and, and look, we've had lots of support and Australia is, I'm not saying they are not important, but, and they start, you know, people who are used to the lock, then now people are used to working this way. And in fact, Gary V is a great post that the other day saying, you know, the way in which people walk is changed forever, and people will be moving more and more out of town and coming into the office two or three days a month, but I digress. So, so what I'll, what you think about is, is, is how can you support those clients' you already have relationships with, as you go into second lock then, or if you were somewhere else in the world where it is, it's loosened off, this is a great piece of advice, regardless of where you are constantly being in touch with your clients and prospects and ringing them up and literally saying, Hey, how's it going?

Den Lennie (7m 28s):
How are you being affected by everything that's happening just now? Is there anything we could do to support you? That's literally all you have to do, but I know that for many creatives, the idea of getting on the phone is terrifying. And you know, that that's it on our website. If you were interested in learning a bit more about this, we actually have a free resource and which is a follow-up script. You can go to their [email protected] click on resources. You can download it for free. And it's, it's, it's a resource that it it's a, it's a followup script. In fact, they just check out. No, because it might be, it might be a couple of bucks, but the point is, is something that you just need to frame work.

Den Lennie (8m 11s):
And if you do need a framework, this script is one of those frameworks at it's called the How to reconnect with a lapse Clients and engage them again. I'm and yeah, it's a, it's a free scripts. It's a, it's a free skip. So you can download it that for free and as a video. And it's, it's, it's a strategy to call up your existing clients and just check on them. But there's actually some word for word Scripps. You can use. So why don't you go out and download that. And now from a Den And and give it a tribe. And if you do get a good result or any results, just let me know, or on LinkedIn, send me messages on LinkedIn and tell me if you've done a lot of it that you've given that at all, because I know that M Caleb, one of my clients who was on the shore, which is a few months ago, and he's, he's an incredible person, just like he had just been in lockdown for 11 weeks in Victoria, and they have 13 projects on the go.

Den Lennie (8m 58s):
They've never been busier in fact, that they are at the point where they are kind of busting it, the Siemens with capacity and issues, and we're supporting them through that within the accelerator. But if a company in lockdown can get 13 jobs, I want that to be an inspiration to you. Or I want that to be something that you can ask yourself, the question, how are they doing things differently? And if you want to go back and listen to Caleb's episode, and it's definitely a great episode, you know, Caleb has a great work ethic, a great attitude. And I'll just say, if I can find it, which, which episode it was that he was on, I think it was roundabouts Yeah and episode 95.

Den Lennie (9m 46s):
And, you know, Caleb and Bailey are smashing it just now. And a couple of other clients in Melbourne who have been in lockdown, having some of the busiest times they've ever had, because the market is changing. The market for the weed Video is, is, is created, is changing. And so, you know, you have to start working differently and in doing so, you will, you will create some additional, you know, opportunities for yourself. That's it for this week, guys, I will talk to you again on Thursday, it's been listening to the How to Scale a Video Business podcast with me, your host Den Lennie. If you're a Video business owner, it hits a ceiling and we benefit from mentorship support and coaching and check out how you can work with me over at

Den Lennie (10m 31s):
Don't forget to subscribe and rate the show over on iTunes. And we'd really appreciate you taking a few minutes to leave a review, and don't forget to share if you feel you've gotten value from this episode, and you think it would be useful for other filmmakers, you know, and please do me a massive favor and share it on social media. Yeah. And then groups that you might be at to see next week.



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