The 5 pillars of an effective marketing strategy with Alana Joynes EP#059

marketing podcast strategy Jan 30, 2020

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Today, Den chats with a smart as a whip Marketing expert named Alana Joynes.

Alana is a marketing consultant with a background in marketing and also finance.

She is passionate about assisting small to medium businesses with increasing their digital exposure by implementing the right marketing foundations and strategy. 




Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • The curious reason why marketing only when you need to, attracts poor quality leads. - 4:00

    • Alana reveals her "5 Pillars of Marketing" strategy for always having a steady stream of new business. - 6:40 
  • Why Alana pretty much ignores demographics when promoting a service business, and... what she focuses on instead. - 7:10

    • Den recalls his days of being a "marketing moron" and admits how ridiculously incomplete and lame his marketing knowledge and strategy used to be. - 8:20
  • A common marketing “blunder” many small business owners make that leaves them about as frustrated as an Amish electrician. - 10:00
    •  A vital question you must know the answer to before you even attempt to market your business online. Most biz owners go off half-cocked and wonder why their marketing is always a day late and a dollar short. - 10:20

  • The case for outsourcing your marketing campaigns. - 11:00
    • Why many video production business owners hate iPhones. - 11:39

  • The brain-crushingly “stupid” mindset many video production business owners have that makes them cut corners with their marketing, and... appear like hypocrites. Full story at 11:40

    • Den calls video production business owners out on their B.S. -12:00

  • Why small-minded individuals hate marketing. - 13:27

    • A cautionary tale about the utter foolishness of a business owner who hired a Marketing Agency. Hear this head-shaking story at 14:00

    • Alana gives a “2-minute crash course” on how to approach a potential VIP client or business partner on social media without looking like a desperado or a pushy marketer. - 17:00

    • Why your website showreel could be hurting you more than helping you. - 18:00
  • Eye-opening insights into what it's like working with videographers from a Marketing Agency insider. – 18:30
    • A delightfully simple (but powerful) “business tip” that can help you become a highly sought-after videographer. Just do what Alana suggests at 21:15 and you'll have clients singing your praises and wanting to rehire you and only you.

  • How geeking-out on cameras, lenses, and technology can hurt your video production business. - 22:00

About Alana Joynes:

When assisting clients to increase their exposure, Alana's goal is to ensure that they are acting in a way that is authentic and the emphasis is always on building (& maintaining) a sustainable brand.

As well as working one on one with clients and mentoring them, Alana also runs events.

Some of the most recent topics she has trained people on include

- Social media strategy for small business

- the key foundations every business owner should know

- How to properly optimise and utilise LinkedIn

- managing multiple social media accounts

- social media etiquette

- writing appropriate content

Outside of assisting clients, Alana enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, researching/investing in property and adventures.

Connect with Alana at: 

Grab the social media checklist here:


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