The Umbilical Cord “trap” that befalls many business owners. EP#71 - Keziah Robinson

coaching mindset Mar 11, 2020


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Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • The dim-witted "mindset" even smart business owners have that has them working around the clock and hardly ever taking a holiday. - 3:45

  • The curious reason why Den's heading off to go live in the jungle for 8 days. Hmm? - 5:00

  • A weird (but effective) way to come up with breakthrough ideas for your business. - 6:10

  • The ugly truth about poor employee performance. - 8:00

  • The Umbilical Cord “trap” that befalls many a business owner. (These well-meaning business owners who fall into this trap wind up working harder than an ugly stripper while their clients run rings around them! - 9:00)

  • An "onboarding" secret for getting new clients to treat you and your team like royalty. (Not only does this get them behaving like well-trained puppies, but it will free up your time, no matter how many clients you have. - 10:00)

  • A clever way to get your clients to happily defer to your team instead of always hounding you! - 11:20

  • The REAL reason most small business owners are overworked and unable to scale their business. - 12:50

  • What a Pixel Pusher client is, and why you should avoid them at all costs! - 14:00

  • Freelancer or Business owner - which one are you? - 17:00

  • Hard-nosed "business advice" from one of the world's foremost experts on Facebook advertising. - 18:50

  • Time management debunked!  (At 22:40 Den shows how the notion of “managing time” has more holes in it than the wall behinds Stevie Wonder's dartboard!)

  • The scary truth about sleep deprivation. (This is why so many sleep experts today are desperate to get their message heard. - 23:30)

  • A little-known Ted Talk every entrepreneur should watch. - 26:00

  • Tim Ferriss's email management “trick” for getting your time back. - 28:00

  • Why promptly responding to your clients' messages could be sabotaging your business. - 29:00

About Keziah Robinson


Keziah Robinson, CFA is a business strategist, coach, and investor with 20 years experience working with CEOs, founders & business owners across multiple industries. Keziah's passionate about helping her clients harness capitalism as a force for good. Her tailored approach incorporates elements of design thinking and behavioral science.


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