Top 10 Episodes of 2020. EP #148 - Den Lennie

2020 podcast top 10 Jan 14, 2021

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This week we're going to do something a little bit different. I'm actually gonna reveal to you our top 10 most downloaded podcasts of 2020.

So I want to kick straight off and reveal to you what in fact you have been listening to.

What are the topics that have been resonating the most with you and help you to see what's working for you guys as listeners?

Let's see which topics are most popular. So we'll kick straight off in reverse order. 


At number 10 we've got Shooting on the Sony A7s III - 'Tinbeerwah' - Beauty film and BTS. EP #109

Tinbeerwah is a mountain overlooking Noosa in Queensland Australia. This film is a reflection of the life and culture in the surf community here. We follow champion surfer Bryn Marshall as he hand shapes a surfboard.

At number 9 we’ve got How to use video to build credibility for online branding with Yana Martens. EP #063

 What's the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to stand out in overcrowded markets!   Video of course and better still, personal branded video, yet many are reluctant to get on camera and reveal their vulnerability. In this episode, we are joined by online video confidence coach, video strategist and video coach -Yana Martens.

At number 8, it’s yours truly on a shorty episode Why drinking is like driving a car with the handbrake on! EP #067

I shared how I did a 6-month experiment. I stopped drinking alcohol from 18th June to 18th December 2019. I wanted to see how different I would feel. It was incredible and I learned so much about myself, energy levels, and clarity of thinking. Plus my business grew in the process.

At number 7 we’ve got the Highest and Best Use & The Theory of constraints with Ben Simkin. EP #077

Ben Simkin is the founder of BusinessNET, a leading Online Marketing Firm that to-date has increased clients' sales by over $1.45 billion. BusinessNET provide end-to-end marketing and sales services to established companies worldwide.

In other words, Ben Simkin is a very successful and a plenty smart dude.

If you’re wanting to ramp up your productivity and achieve more than you ever thought possible, then listen closely to this episode and prepare to take notes.

At number 6, we have got Avoiding the freelancer trap when growing your video business with Keziah Robinson. EP #069

One of the common mistakes that video businesses make when moving from the freelancer model to a ‘proper business’ is thinking all the income that is generated by the business is their own personal income. This is a risky strategy and so I spoke with Keziah Robinson about how to avoid that pitfall.

At number 5, we have Advice for Getting Clients You'd Be Nuts Not to Take with Phoebe Lee & Matt Turk. EP #089

Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. Together, this charming couple formed a business called Little Grey Box. They work with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with an audience reach of 110,000+

Their business has a truly unique business model that you'll hear all about in this nitty-gritty interview.

At number 4 we have got Alana Joynes with The 5 pillars of an effective marketing strategy. EP #059

Alana is a marketing consultant with a background in marketing and also finance.

She is passionate about assisting small to medium businesses with increasing their digital exposure by implementing the right marketing foundations and strategy. 

And then up at number 3, How to Overcome Anxiety in business with Sam Lennie. EP #057

 For many business owners anxiety is a hidden burden that we all to often try to brush under the carpet

As an intuitive healer/therapist, this topic is right in Sam’s wheelhouse.  If you've ever experienced any form of anxiety or stress in your video business this episode will certainly help.

At number 2, we have Kim Barrett with The Secret To Cheap and Effective Paid Advertising. EP #107

Kim Barrett is a world-renowned social media marketer, Facebook advertising expert, speaker, and trainer who helps 6-figure businesses scale to 7-figures.

And then at number 1, How Thinking "small" Can Be Extremely Profitable with Andrew McLean. EP #093

Andrew is the founder of Sydney Video Producer, a professional video production and marketing company. With over a decade of experience working alongside major brands and marketing agencies, Andrew has helped hundreds of organizations leverage video to promote, educate, and sell.


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Episode Transcription

Den Lennie (2s):
Good day, guys. Den Lennie here host of the How to scale a Video Business Podcast this week, we're going to do something a little bit different. It's coming to that time of the year where we were actually in the season three of this Podcast is a third year of this podcast has been running. And what I liked to do at this time of the year is reflect back on what have been the most listened to episodes. What are the topics that resonate the most with you, the audience. And so today we're going to be sharing the most downloaded podcasts of 2020, the top 10 downloaded podcast for 2020. So I'll be sharing with you and what they are.

Den Lennie (46s):
So when it kicked straight off and reveal to you, what, in fact you've been listening too, or maybe it was Episodes that you've missed and really what topics have been resonating the most with you, and to help you to see what's working most for you guys and girls as the listeners. So we'll kick straight off in reverse order. And a number of 10, we've got the posts I did about Shooting on the soil S of and S3 the film to be a way that I made for Sony just maybe kind of in back in August. And this was a film that we were commissioned to make for Sony in Singapore for Sony Asia.

Den Lennie (1m 26s):
And it was actually our eighth commercial project for Sony saw. That was just really such a kind of treat an honor to be asked again, you know, we'd worked with the A7S, the A7SII and a host of our camera launches. And so in this film, I wanted to make a reflection of life in the area where I live as a man called Tinbeerwah, but we started on and it's really a reflective life and culture in the surf community here, ah, without a champion, sort of for Brynn Marshall, who is a friend of mine, he, he was handshaking a surfboard, so that's number 10. And that was back in August. And number nine, we've got a, how to use video to build credibility for online branding with Yana Martens the Yana came to speak at one of our mastermind events.

Den Lennie (2m 13s):
So a few months back where I put a year ago now, because it's been so long as there's been locked up and we got hard to share the quickest and easiest and most effective way to stand out at an overcrowded market. And I, of course, we all work in the video industry, so it makes sense that we use Video. But what Yana I was talking about was putting yourself on video becoming your own personal brand. And I know that many people are reluctant to get on camera and reveal that vulnerability. And so in this episode, I'm Yana who is an online confidence coach or a video strapped just in the video coach shared some tips techniques, and I guess, you know, some guidance in how you can overcome any fear or a concern you might have getting in front of camera.

Den Lennie (2m 60s):
The thing about getting in front of camera, or is it, is it really does build a relationship with your audience that build some trust and some rapport. So great. Episodes to go back and listen to them at number eight, it sets you up as truly are on a short episode that I did on why drinking is like driving a car with a handbrake on. So for a period last year I stopped drinking. I just didn't drink any alcohol for six months. It was really an experiment. And it was from the 18th of June to the eating the December last year. And I wanted to see how different I would feel. I'm, you know, we live in a culture where having a drink is just so normalized that I wanted to see how different it felt and also to test my own self-discipline.

Den Lennie (3m 45s):
And it was quite incredible actually allowed. It's so much about myself, my energy levels and the clarity of Thinking plus, you know, in my business grew and the process, I guess that was just, I was just so much more focused. And so that's a great episode. If you have been thinking about going dry January and then go ahead and listen to this, because what happened was I, I started off with a thing called dry July here in Australia, and it just continued and are when they got to August in September, I was like, I've done three months. It may as well do six. Uhm, and you know, I don't drink a lot nowadays to be honest, but it was a really interesting experiment on self-discipline and number seven is my good friend Ben Simkin where we had been on the podcast a few months back and we got, Ben talking about the highest and best use of Theory on the theory of constraints.

Den Lennie (4m 34s):
Now Ben is a very, very successful entrepreneur and very high level thinker. I, we were able to catch up with Ben and have a chat with him. Band was actually the founder of Business net, which was an online marketing firm that has increased its Clients sales by inaccess of 1.4 or $5 billion. At the time they've been operating is actually much, much more, but it's a significant amount in business in there. They provide end to end marketing and sales services to establish companies worldwide, but Ben is all saw a mentor of mine. I actually a contributing member in his business mastermind.

Den Lennie (5m 15s):
And so what's really interesting about this is Ben is a really smart thing. So if you want to ramp up your productivity and achieve more than you thought ever possible, then this episode is really worth a listen and plenty of notes to take because he's, he's a very, very smart dude. Ben at number six, we've got a guest Kesey, a Robinson from our Boston and the Use Kathy was introduced to me by one of my clients, Pat, and she is a strategic thinker and our business coach. And she came on the podcast to share about how HIV avoid the freelance trap when growing you have video business, you know, one of the most common mistakes that the video businesses make when they are moving from the freelance models to a proper business is thinking that all the income is generated by the businesses or is it all in income?

Den Lennie (6m 14s):
So it was like, Hey, it's time to all of this money coming in and as a very risky strategy. And so I spoke to Keziah about how to avoid that pitfall. And Keziah again has an enormous amount of scale and experience in, in all aspects of business. And I think what I've tried to do in the show is not just make it about videos. You know, there are a, there are aspects of business that apply in any business, but if you run a video business, these are some of the things you want to be thinking about. At Number five was a really fun episode we did with Phoebe and Matt from little gray box and, and this is entitled Advice for getting clients.

Den Lennie (6m 56s):
You would be nuts not to Take now Phoebe and Matt are a writer and presenter and a videographer and together the fond, a business called little grid box while they were travelling in London and they work exclusively with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with a unique audience of over a 110,000 subscribers. So they've taken, they quit their day jobs and started traveling and documenting and making films about that process. And it's a very, very unique business model. And that you hear about it in this real kind of no-holds-barred nitty-gritty in a few 'cause, you know, it's hard, its it's very, very hard, but they do it very, very well.

Den Lennie (7m 38s):
And I, and I think you'll really enjoy going back and listening to that episode at number four, we've got a lot of giants. There are a lot of Joynes is a marketing expert in a marketing strategist who came to speak at one of our events last year and she's shares in this. Podcast the five pillars of an effective marketing strategy now and her background is marketing and also finance, but she watched a lot of small businesses and she's really passionate about helping small to medium businesses, increase their digital exposure by implementing the right marketing foundations and strategies. So you know, this episode of law and you will really learn a lot about just a good solid marketing strategy at number three, we've got a very special episode with my wife and son and I did an episode at the beginning of last year on how to overcome anxiety and Business, and it's quite, it's quite funny actually, because for a long time, last year Sam was the most downloaded Podcast, but she has been pipped to the post-back other people.

Den Lennie (8m 48s):
So she is, she's not loving That, but she's planning to do another podcast with me at some point. So if that's something you'd like to hear about it there and let me know if it was certainly a line that up, but as well as Sam being my wife and having a kind of ringside seat to my business growth journey and you know, for many business owners Anxiety is a hidden burden that we all have to try and sometimes pardon and brush under the carpet. Thankfully, nowadays there's a lot more openness about, you know, mental health and Anxiety, and especially in the stresses of running our business. And so Sam's an intuitive healer and a therapist and like this topic's right in our wheel house. So if you ever experienced any form of anxiety or stress in your video business and in this episode will certainly help.

Den Lennie (9m 35s):
Number two, we have the man himself, Ken Barrett and with the secret to Cheap and effect of pet Advertising that this was a Podcast that I did with Kim on our way back from an Island of Singapore Ben tan Island who were actually on a ferry coming across the, the straight there, back into Singapore. And so I managed to grab him for a half an hour and just chat about it there. So we recorded it on an iPhone and it was like, it's not the greatest audio in the world, but it's been in the second most downloaded Podcast this year Kim is a world renowned social media marketer, Facebook appetizer.

Den Lennie (10m 15s):
He's a, a, an expert in Facebook advertising is a speaker, a trainer, and it helps six-figure businesses scale to seven figures. So a fantastic episode there, if you've ever a doubt wanting it to dabble in some Paid Advertising the thing about this episode is it is, Kim just talks a lot of sense about some of the simple things you can do as a video production company too, you know, actually get in front of clients in your market and using video and not surprisingly, you know, one of the topics he talks about is that saw a few business owners actually use video effectively in their own marketing. So that's one definitely with going after and having a look at, and then finally last, but by no means least is Andrew McLean.

Den Lennie (11m 2s):
He was actually one of my clients, one of my Accelerator clients and his podcast on How Thinking small can be extremely profitable, has been the most downloaded podcasts of last year. So congratulations Andrew and you've had a phenomenal year and I know we spoke a couple of days ago and you're absolutely ready to smash out and have a big year. This year. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you, but it also having you in the podcast. So Andrew is the founder of Sydney video producer of a professional video production marketing company. And he had a background and as an agency and in, started to do on video production company and does things very differently that he's got over a decade of experience working alongside major brands and marketing agencies.

Den Lennie (11m 45s):
And Andrew has helped hundreds of organizations leverage Video to promote, educate, and sell. And so this episode is a great example of How walking with a small team doesn't mean you can't generate significant revenues and save some great clients. And, and it does things very differently. It's an activity, a producer. So if your interested in learning more about him and his business, and I strongly urge you to check out that episode. Now all of these episodes will be linked on my blog at Den Lennie dot com and there would be links to each of these episodes. So you can go back and listen to again, but a guise. It it's, you know, this is year three, we were going in to this podcast.

Den Lennie (12m 26s):
It, I won't lie. It's an enormous amount of work and that's a big commitment, but I, I thoroughly enjoy sharing at a great guest interviews with you and other, you know, insights and stories. And so it's great to be able to share these top 10 with you. And if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to hear about or watch or listen, then please just drop me a line that at Den Lennie dot com, there's a contact us button here on, on, on LinkedIn, or just connect with me or anyone on social. I mean, it, it's amazing how many people kind of come out the woodwork and tell me they listen to the show and it's great to know, put an interface. So that's it for us this week. Guys, I will catch you again next week and have a great week.

Den Lennie (13m 8s):
You've been listening to the how to scale a video business podcast with me, your host Den Lennie. If you're a video of a business owner, it's a ceiling would benefit from a mentorship support and coaching and check out how you can work with me over at Don't forget to subscribe and rate the show over on iTunes. And we'd really appreciate your taking a few minutes to leave a review and don't forget to share if you feel you've gotten value from this episode, if you think it would be useful for other filmmakers, you know, and please do me a massive favor and share it on social media and in groups that you may be in. So thanks for listening. See you in the next episode.




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