Two things every client wants (badly) when hiring a video production company. EP #116 - Pat Henderson

business clients podcast video Sep 17, 2020

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Today we have Pat Henderson in the studio. Mr. Henderson is one of Den's coaching clients who has made some stunning progress in his business since joining Den's accelerator coaching program, and, well... you're about to hear how he did it, and hopefully, you can apply them to your business, too.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Pat pays Den a compliment that podcasters the world over would love to hear. - 2:05
  • The Pandemic has changed and continues to change the business world, but here's one thing that it won't change...and… how this is good news for videographers. - 4:45
  • The single most important thing to nurture in your business especially when the economy goes tits up. (Doing this is like inoculating yourself (like a vaccine) against the ca-ca about to hit the fan! - 6:00)
  • An ingenious strategy for niching down your marketing. Do what's mentioned at 7:10 and you'll know exactly who your perfect target market is.
  • Pat's embarrassing realization after he spent hours fighting and resisting Den's marketing advice. - 7:30
  • How videographers unwittingly double their workload when creating content for clients. - 10:55
  • What a "Dianna" client is, and why EVERY business needs a one! - 12:30
  • Two things every client wants (badly) when hiring a video production company. (If you can't deliver on these two things, getting repeat business will be a tough row to hoe. - 13:10)
  • One of the very first steps to take when transitioning from freelancer to business owner in the videography space. - 17:20
  • How to turn a 20-hour job into a 1-hour job.  - 18:05
  • frighteningly good example of Den's sales skills. At 21:25 you'll hear Den overcome a common sales objection in the most viscously effective way ever. Listen up, kids!
  • The case for niching down and being a specialist. - 23:20
  • Solid advice for people thinking about coaching. - 24:10
  • A little-talked about "mental tweak" for getting off the tools and becoming a business owner who works on the business and not in the business. Insightful stuff. - 28:50


About Pat Henderson

Pat Henderson is the President of Path-8 Productions in Boston. 
They specialize in health care, public health agencies, and education sectors but they don't stop there. They've worked with companies in a variety of fields to:

  • Share the unique problems their company is solving
  • Create powerful testimonial videos
  • Promote new products and policies
  • Educate patients/customers/employees


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