Video Strategist - An additional income stream for videographers? EP #165 - Ben Amos


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Video Strategy is becoming an essential service for smart video business owners. Not only can you charge upfront, but it provides a platform to create more content and help clients distribute too.

Day #1: Tues 16th March 2021 10am AEST / Mon 15th March 5pm PDT

The Rise of the Video Strategist: How Becoming a Confident Video Strategist Will Grow Your Video Business in 2021 >>>Register here<<<

Day #2: Wed 17th March 2021 10am AEST / Tue 16th March 5pm PDT

Understanding the 7 Elements to an Effective Video Strategy for Your Clients

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Day #3: Thu 18th March 2021 10am AEST / Wed 17th March 5pm PDT

The 3 Video Strategy Business Models (and how to monetize video strategy services in each). Register here to watch the free training

Day #4: Fri 19th March 2021 10am AEST / Thu 18th March 5pm PDT

The Video Strategist Sales Funnel (how to land clients with video strategy). Watch here


Episode Transcription

Den Lennie (2s):
Good day, guys! Den Lennie here with this week shorty for the How to Scale a Video Business podcast, episode number 165. And we've got a little something different for you this week. Instead of me just jumping in here and giving you some of the Den wisdom. I've got my good friend, my colleague, my lunch partner from innovate media, Mr. Ben Amos here to share some of his wisdom with you because Ben and I had lunch a few weeks ago and here on the course on the sunshine coast and he was mentioning some really cool stuff he is doing for the online video strategy blueprint that is at starting with the free training today.

Den Lennie (46s):
So, good day Ben, how are you doing man?

Ben Amos (49s):
Good day, Den! It's great to be back on your show, hanging out with you and your audience.

Den Lennie (54s):
Thank you. So let's just jump straight into this. We've spoken about the online for the video strategy blueprint before, but if someone's listening to the show and they've not heard of you and they have not heard of which I found hard to believe, but if they haven't, why don't you just give us a little bit of an intro into you and what you do and let us just share with the audience, you know, what's happening this week.

Ben Amos (1m 17s):
Sure. Yeah. Thanks Den. Thanks for the opportunity to look. Yeah. As you said, my name's Ben Amos and I run a video production and strategy agency here on the sunshine coast. We've been here longer than you have done before you're even migrated, but yet, so 12 years in Business here running a running a business, started out as a video production company. But over the last seven years of transition, what we do into what we call a full service video strategy agency, which we've talked about on your show before. But the other side to what I do is under the brand of engage video marketing. And that's my way of getting out there and helping other people just like who I was Video producers or helping them understand the world of video marketing and video strategy.

Ben Amos (1m 59s):
So they can do better for that clients. And that it says you mentioned there, it might be my main program is the online video strategy blueprint. Now with over a, a a hundred other video, producer's a hundred or three in fact who have made their way through that program and, and change the way that they do business as a result. So, you know, can you just kind of share a bit more about, about what we're doing here?

Den Lennie (2m 20s):
Why don't we just jump in there for the, for the audience and let them know that, you know, Ben is someone that I admired for many years before I moved to Australia. I mean, we happen to live for about 40 minutes for each other as student to be about 10 minutes from each other. And actually because we are moving in a couple of weeks' time, but when we met up in the course, they got to know Ben's business and Ben's approach in actually, what was interesting is a lot of clients in my mastermind program have done your program, or if they haven't, they come from a mastermind and they do your program as well, because I know I've seen that as a really complimentary side to what we do in the video business accelerator. And we focus on business strategy and growth strategies for running business.

Den Lennie (3m 0s):
But what I've seen as my members, who've done your online video strategy blueprint are taking that and it's adding even more value to the business. So, and most of them are start by doing some kind of free training with you. And the thing that I've always admired about your band and probably the reason we get on so well is that we were both of the opinion of lead with value first, you know, yes, we both run businesses and yes, there is a way for people to work with us. So if people want to do things faster, but you've always given away an enormous amount of value for free, and that's kind of what your doing this week, isn't it. You want to talk a bit about how you, how you're doing it this year and what what's different and how someone who's sitting listening to this might be able to come and get a lot of great advice without having to invest anything.

Ben Amos (3m 45s):
Yeah, it definitely look, I run my business off. The motto lead with value is when you can't see this as an order, an audio podcast, but there is a sign on the shelf behind me. It says exactly those three words. And that's, that's how we attract Business to our video production business as leading with value. And also exactly the way I approach things. I'm with engage video marketing. And that's what I'm doing this week, starting today, as far as the release of this episode, I'm actually just investing four days into going live every day within a specific Facebook group, the Video Strategist community on Facebook are free to join. And for people to jump in to these four days of live masterclass, video strategy for video pros training, that's what I'm calling it.

Ben Amos (4m 29s):
And that's what I want to teach you guys understanding what video strategy for video professionals looks like and how you can implement this for your clients to add an additional skill skillset to your video production, both, right? So we, we know how to make videos and people are listening to this podcast, but they run Video businesses have various Scale and we know how to create content, but in many cases, my own experience for those of the many people have been through the program as well. They are, that's where they, that's, where they stop with their clients is delivering great videos, but then the frustration comes and I heard this story time and time again, the frustration comes from the client, not knowing what to do with those videos.

Ben Amos (5m 13s):
So there's no strategy behind those videos and there's no assistance to help them distribute and implement those videos to get results. That's what we going to talk about in this training. So I'd love for anyone that is interested in this idea just to jump in and there's, there's nothing to lose just to pick up some valuable information this week.

Den Lennie (5m 31s):
I just want to slate this one because this at one of my clients at Caleb and he was on a call with me last week and there they are going out and charging to and a half thousand dollars for a Strategy day session. And it's, it's a billable thing that they, they, they build to a client and it more often than not lead to the client, then wanting to implement the strategy. So, you know, this is something that, that has a very solid and proven business case. But so I just want us to slip that in there because you know, this, this is a podcast about making money on your video production money. So this isn't just another kind of like hair come and watch a free training. I'm going to try and do you know, you know what I'm trying to sell them a course. There are that, of course there is a program available for anyone who gets to the end of the four days, wants to work with you independently and in part of that group and do it faster.

Den Lennie (6m 16s):
So that's a given that there's no point in us pretending in other ways, because that's what we are all about, authenticity and being upfront. So, so what I'd love to do, Ben, it's just, just walk me through what someone can expect over the four days, because you know, everyone's busy and they want you to know, is this another course? You know, how, or why should they come and spend half an hour to an hour with you or for four days, what, what can they expect to them?

Ben Amos (6m 38s):
So I'm really holding nothing back in this training. And I plan on giving away as much value as I can to people so that they really understand the opportunity that's available to them. So on day one, for example, we are going to look at what I'm calling the rise of the Video Strategist, and I'm sure many people who are listening, if you have felt that there's more, that they can do for their clients. So we are going to be looking at the bigger picture here of how our industry has changed and how we can better show up for our clients by considering the role that video strategy might play within your video production business that's day one, and then day two, we are going to be going deep into what I call the seven elements to an effective video marketing strategy.

Ben Amos (7m 18s):
That's understanding how each one of these elements fit and work in an interplay within each of the other elements and specifically the tactical approaches and tools and ideas that you can use with your clients to help on package of those seven elements. To ensure that the video is you create a new tech as a strategic and not just tactical write day three. This is where it kind of gets the rubber hits the road, particularly for people that are looking at scaling of video business, which is the idea that there are business models that you can build around video strategy. And there's not one size fits all when it comes to, to the potential way that you can integrate video strategy into your video business.

Ben Amos (7m 60s):
So I'm actually going to unpack the three video strategy business models that I see as being the most appropriate for businesses, depending on the type of business they are, whether they're our solo videographers or a freelance video producer, while they have a team of people in their video company, there are different types of approaches to business, I guess, to monetizing video strategy that we're going to unpack on day three and then day four, I'm going to actually break down a full video strategy sales funnel. So this is how as a video strategy company, you can actually sell video strategy servers. And you mentioned Caleb before implementing one of the tactics that we talked about in, in the course, Caleb has been through the program as well, where you can actually monetize the strategy session.

Ben Amos (8m 47s):
Well, before you can get to the production stage with the clients, this is just one example. So day for we're going to break it down and full Video Strategy sales funnel. So I really feel that you could go away from this week and, and take a lot of what I'm going to share and implement changes in your business, go and do it. And then obviously they're is an opportunity there to have some handholding and to do it for us.

Den Lennie (9m 9s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. And, and I guess a question that some people might have listened to this is that, you know, who is this for? What, what size of business does the video business you need to be to start offering video strategy? You know, if you're at a one man band and it's this, this is this something that feels like a bit out of reach, or is this something that you could actually reach four and Ad income and, and services to your business that could help you grow?

Ben Amos (9m 33s):
So it's a great question, Den, and, you know, the joy of being able to put this program out into the world over the last three years has seen the people that have been attracted to the program and the success stories and case studies have come through, which to be honest, in many cases, I wasn't even, you know, sure that that was the right person for the program, but they've taken it and they've made it work for their business. For example, you know, working from everyone, from Susan in the Netherlands, who was basically a, a, a video producer who works solely with female entrepreneurs to create a video course kind of content. And that was her specialty working with females in that space. And so, you know, she was working with DSLRs And ring lights, you know, and that was the quality of, of content, which was great.

Ben Amos (10m 18s):
But now she's positioned herself as a video strategy consultant. She barely produces content any more, for example, or up to Doug Winnipeg in Canada, who is one of the earliest students in the course of who has a team of, I think its around about 10 people in his team Now. So there are established video production company and he's actually just hired a full-time Video Strategist or someone to handle the Strategy side in their business. As a CEO, Doug went through the program to develop its own understanding. And then he brought on a full time person who is teen to implement this for their clients and then put that person through the program as well. So it really anyone from a solo videographer, a video producer who wants to do better for their clients up to, you know, a larger production company with the team, you know, I'd say that it, it can be valuable for anyone in between that.

Den Lennie (11m 12s):
Well, I know, I know people that have gone through it and I, and we've spoken about it a few times and it's, it's a very valuable program for people who want to learn more about, and that I would just encourage anyone who's, you know, who, who is even remotely interested. I'll put a link below the podcast here on the website at so that you can kind of goods go to the website and it'll be a link that will take you straight to the Facebook group. Ben, I am really excited that it, you know, we've done a few things in the past or in this together. And I always love working with you because you'd just deliver so much value to people. And I, I love the fact that we, we have this, this great relationship where we, you know, I don't really get involved promoting anybody else's product except yours. And it it's because I know how deliver incredible value to people.

Den Lennie (11m 56s):
So guys, I hope that's given you some insight, Ben, any last thoughts that you can recommend before we wrap this up?

Ben Amos (12m 3s):
Look, this is the first time I've done this, this type of training live in a Facebook group over four days. And I'm excited because I'm going to be in there interacting with people, interacting and other people within the comments and within a day during the live broadcast. But I know it's hard for people to get to, to live and opportunities like this. So I'm also releasing over the course of next week or this week has a release of this podcast. I'm releasing a private Facebook, sorry, a private podcast just for people who are in the Facebook group as well. So you can catch up on anything they've missed out on.

Den Lennie (12m 39s):
That's very cool. Guys, I will link everything below and I'll look forward to seeing you and so forth. So you've been listening to the how to scale a Video Business podcast with me, your host, Den Lennie, if you are a video business owner and it hits a ceiling, we've been benefit from a mentorship support and coaching and checkout how you can work with me over at Don't forget to subscribe and rate the show over on iTunes. And we'd really appreciate your taking a few minutes to leave review and don't forget to share if you feel you've gotten value from this episode that you think it would be very useful for other filmmakers, you know, and please do me a massive favor and share it on social media and then groups that you might be in.

Den Lennie (13m 21s):
So thanks for listening. See you in the next episode.



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