What to say when a client says "We've got a cheaper quote..."

dealing with clients Sep 25, 2018

How to respond when someone says: "Hey we have a cheaper quote, can you match it...?"

Today I want to talk about what you say if a client says "hey we've got another quote can you match it?"

You've probably been in the situation where a client's come back to your prospective client and said look we've got another quote and it's a bit cheaper and can you match it?

The question is what do you say in those circumstances and it very much depends on your relationship with the client.

What I tend to find is and not enough film makers and creators have a strong enough relationship with a client upfront. So when it comes to discussions around price, everyone drops their trousers and goes "yeah I'll match the price".

You've got to consider what do you want from the project.

If you're someone that offers a very unique service then why should you discount your prices?

If you're competing with someone who's going to deliver a lesser service why should you compete with them?

The danger here is if you're only competing on price then you have no leverage.

Now what I would say in these circumstances is:

"look if you want to go and work with a cheaper supplier, that's fine, we have a price point which is reassuringly expensive, we have X years of experience, we know what we're doing and we guarantee our work"


Now if you're strong enough to guarantee your work then in that case you can stand firm on your pricing and and use the phrase: "look if you want to go with the cheapest option that's your prerogative. We're not the cheapest and this is why".

Explain your value, happy days.

If you're in a position where you're offering a unique and premier service, be willing to walk away.

Otherwise, have more of a conversation with a client up front, have a stronger relationship and say look what's important to you here, is it the cheapest price?

If we were to see what you can do to remove some costs from this particular quote would that win us the gig?

And you know what are you looking for?

Ask the question.

Not enough filmmakers ask enough questions to ask the questions outright, go for it. Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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