What to say when someone asks for a discount

managing clients Sep 26, 2018


Have you ever had someone says to you:

“Can I have a discount”?

This is a common question.

Have you ever had a situation where a client says can I have a discount?

Well here's what you say to them.

My preferred solution is “why do you want a discount?”

And say nothing. Let them do the talking.

Some days people just ask for a discount.

What you can say is, “we don't tend to discount because our pricing is very fair and it's well considered from the outset”.

The only time in which we consider discounting is if there was a volume of work that would allow us to scale our opportunities and replicate some processes and that could reduce our costs internally.

If someone wants to make 5 films over a set period then we're happy to consider discounting the fifth film by a percentage.

But in general, I don't like to discount.

I just think it kind of sets the wrong tone from the outset.

And when you push back and say you know “why is it you want a discount”, it really aligns you with someone who is like a professional or someone who's delivering a professional service.

One advantage of line itemising quotes as I discuss in my Book “Budgets and Quotes that Increase Profit Margin on Productions by 20-30% Instantly!  is:


“If you need to reduce your spend then we could take a look at the line items and look at which parts you maybe don't want to use if you're looking to save some money and make some economies, let's consider what we can do to trim the budget”.

Always go back to the idea of working from a line itemised quote so you can have some points at which to discuss.




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