Why drinking is like driving a car with the handbrake on! EP#67

discipline mindset podcast Feb 26, 2020

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I did a 6-month experiment.  I stopped drinking alcohol from 18th June to 18th December last year.  I wanted to see how different I would feel.  It was incredible and I learned so much about myself, energy levels and clarity of thinking.  Plus my business grew in the process

Here's what I learned from not drinking alcohol for 6 months


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • The staggering amount of time Den's gone without taking a break from the booze. - 0:30
  • Two reasons why Den took to alcohol like a duck to water. 1:00
  • Den's eye-opening revelation after a night of heavy drinking with friends at the Sunshine Coast. (A good time was had by all, however... something happened over the following three days that really stuck in his craw. Hear the full scoop at 2:00)
  • Den talks about his Dry July experience and reveals 5 surprising things he noticed while being off the grog. - 4:00
  • Den's “moment of truth” at a social gathering full of delicious alcohol. Hear Den's story of temptation at 6:00
  • The Non-drinker's BIG advantage over drinkers that hardly anyone talks about. (This advantage has nothing to do with your health. - 7:00
  • The REAL reason Den stopped drinking for 6 months. - 7:30
  • What Aussies do that the Brits would be wise to copy. - 8:40
  • How long does it take to break a bad habit? Obviously, it's different for everyone, but here's a hint: It sure as hell takes longer than the cliché "21 days" - Hear how long it took Den to break his drinking habit. 9:00)
  • Den's ambitious (even outrageous) "reverse the clock" health goal. (But I wouldn't bet against him. Hear Den's audacious goal at 9:50
  • The surprise benefit of giving up the drink. (This never-talked about benefit of giving up drinking will spill over - excuse the pun -into every area of your life. - 10:15)
  • The “crazy” amount of Kilometres Den's done on his bicycle since giving up the moonshine that would impress Lance Armstrong.
  • A book Den read that helped him get off his lazy keister and start exercising like a fiend. 12:00
  • Why Den had to be airlifted off a glazier in Chamonix, France while working as a cameraman. - 12:00
  • What Den's doctor said to him back in 2001 that instantly killed his career and forced him to change the entire direction of his life. - 12:30
  • Why Australians who suffer from arthritis are generally happier than arthritis sufferers from other countries. - 13:00
  • 5 damn good advantages of living stone-cold sober. - 14:20
  • What to look out for when you're on a drinking break that can have you pouring alcohol down your gob quicker than you can say Jack Daniels! (Hint: this usually happens when you’re not at home. - 17:35)
  • Why drinking is like driving a car with its handbrake on. - 18:00
  • The profound and far-reaching psychological ramifications of saying no to an ice-cold beer when you'd almost kill for one. - 20:00
  • Den gives a shout out to Ben (one of his clients) and gives a little "C'mon, you can do it!" to everyone who's considering taking a break from the booze.



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