Why immediately writing down your ideas is a BAD idea, and what to do instead EP#077 - Ben Simkin

marketing mindset podcast Apr 02, 2020

Today, we have Ben Simkin in the studio.

Who is Ben Simkin?

Ben Simkin is the founder of BusinessNET, a leading Online Marketing Firm that to-date has increased clients' sales by over $1.45 billion. BusinessNET provide end-to-end marketing and sales services to established companies worldwide.

In other words, Ben Simkin is a very successful and a plenty smart dude.

If you’re wanting to ramp up your productivity and achieve more than you ever thought possible, then listen closely to this episode and prepare to take notes.

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Here's a sneak peek at Den and Ben's chat:


  • The "HBU" theory. This is perhaps the greatest (and the most powerful and effective) productivity concept ever invented. This was discovered by a genius economist from the 18th-century named Dr. Irving Fisher. - 4:00

  • Jay Abraham's (world-renowned marketing wizard) bizarre (yet powerful) “cat in a cottage” story. This little story will open your eyes up to new opportunities you might have previously overlooked, and... make you think twice before you go and check your social media notifications. - 5:00

  • What NEVER to put on your smartphone if you want to become more productive. - 6:30

  • The single most important thing to teach your team, customers or employees that will dramatically boost YOUR productivity. - 7:25

  • The little-known 24-Hour rule. (this will make you more efficient, and...it will make you seem more professional to your clients and customer, too. - 8:00

  • The strange note Ben has hung up in his house that gives him more energy during the day. - 9:50

  • Ben talks about The Freedom fallacy. - 10:50
  • The "daily coin flip" exercise that highlights a horrible flaw in human nature. Fascinating stuff. - 12:40

  • The best explanation you'll ever hear on the popular "Be, Do, Have" concept. - 13:00

  • An incredibly dull and boring productivity tip that can quite possibly double your productivity. - 15:00

  • A little-known book every business person should read if they want to ramp up their productivity and streamline their business systems. (This book was written in 1984 by a brilliant business scientist named Dr. Goldratt. - 16:50)

  • Advice for business owners you'd be nuts not to take. - 17:00

  • The strange (and totally illogical and irrational) secret to life transformation. This admittedly strange secret is quoted in a movie from the late 90's featuring Ben Affleck.

  • The “once-a-day habit” that leads to bursts of creativity. (Always feel stuck for ideas or can't come up with solutions to problems, then start doing what Den mentions at 25:20

  • What counterintuitive thing high achievers do that ordinary folk think is a waste of time. - 26:00

  • Why immediately writing down your ideas is a BAD idea, and what to do instead. - 26:50

  • The case for joining a mastermind. - 31:00

    Learn more about Ben at https://businessnet.com.au/

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