The 5 pillars of an effective marketing strategy with Alana Joynes EP#059

marketing podcast strategy Jan 30, 2020

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Today, Den chats with a smart as a whip Marketing expert named Alana Joynes.

Alana is a marketing consultant with a background in marketing and also finance.

She is passionate about assisting small to medium businesses with increasing their digital exposure by implementing the right marketing foundations and strategy. 




Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • The curious reason why marketing only when you need to, attracts poor quality leads. - 4:00

    • Alana reveals her "5 Pillars of Marketing" strategy for always having a steady stream of new business. - 6:40 
  • Why Alana pretty much ignores demographics when promoting a service business, and... what she focuses on instead. - 7:10

    • Den recalls his days of being a "marketing...
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What's your marketing strategy for 2020 EP#058

linkedin marketing podcast Jan 28, 2020

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In today's micro cast I wanted to share some strategies to help you kickstart your marketing for 2020 and reveal how easy it is to get started on LinkedIn

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How to Overcome Anxiety in business with Sam Lennie EP#057

anxiety podcast stress Jan 23, 2020

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For many business owners anxiety is a hidden burden that we all to often try to brush under the carpet

As an intuitive healer/therapist, this topic is right in Sam’s wheelhouse.  If you've ever experienced any form of anxiety or stress in your video business this episode will certainly help. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den's admittedly "odd" podcast intro. (And... he blames his wife for the unusual intro - 0:05)
    • The brave question Den asked his wife that probably only one man out of 1000 would ever ask.  - 1:10
  • Sam makes her podcast debut and rattles off her impressive (and unique) job description. - 1:45

    • Sam's "head to heart" secret for lowering work-related stress - or any type of stress for that matter. (This little-know stress-reducing secret is...
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How to bounce back after losing a major client EP#056

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It's gonna happen at some point, you'll lose a major client. 

So how do you bounce back and be grateful rather than slump into a helpless state? 

Here's one simple solution that one of my clients did that resulted in a bigger opportunity. 

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The Power of Repetitive discipline EP#055

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Kicking off 2020 we're getting ready to go 2 episodes per week.  

This first micro-cast will fill you in and also touch on the powerful topic of repetitive discipline.  What is it and how can it help you scale your business.

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3 Biggest Lessons From 2019 with Charley Valher EP#054

podcast scale Dec 25, 2019

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Today is Christmas and here’s wishing you all a very merry one. As the year is about to end soon enough, it’s timely to look back and evaluate the experiences we’ve had all throughout the year. We’re joined today by a good friend of mine, Charley Valher of Valher Media. We’ll be talking about the three biggest lessons we’ve learned from our experiences in running shows and working with clients. This episode’s going to be relatable for a lot of you so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Happy Holidays!


What’s In This Episode:

  • Den’s Three Biggest Lessons
    • Consistency in everything creates a great impact.
    • The power of LinkedIn and using Sales Navigator.
    • LinkedIn is a gold mine of opportunities for video...
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How to Overcome the Lack Mindset and Become Abundant EP#053

podcast scale Dec 18, 2019

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The year 2019 is coming to an end and we’re at a point in time where we start to evaluate ourselves. Have we done enough? I know some of you are starting to freak out because “I haven’t done any marketing.” For some, it’s a case of work having a ”few dry areas.”

I’ve seen and heard one too many colleagues and friends wanting to start a marketing plan in January. But why wait for January when you can do it now? 

Join me in today’s episode as we tackle the “lack mindset” and how you can actually overcome it. Enjoy!


What’s In This Episode:

  • Choosing between abundance and scarcity.
  • “You never really learn from success, you learn everything from failure.”
  • The dangers of...
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Are You Too Reliant on a Key Client? EP#052

podcast scale Dec 11, 2019

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Relying on one or two key clients could end up in the devastation of your business, especially if one of them leaves, or worse…both! Today, I’m going to do a solo episode about the dangers of relying on key clients.

I’ll be sharing a story about how this issue impacted my business at one point. How did we manage to mitigate the risks? As failure is at some point—inevitable, it is also important for one to be able to rise above it.

If you’re one of those people who rely on key clients, this episode is for you. Go ahead and enjoy it!


What’s In This Episode:

  • The dangers of being in business with one or two main clients.
  • Den shares a story about his experience related to relying on one or two main clients.
  • Why it’s...
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Being Authentic With Your Content With Matt Smolen (Part 2) EP#051

podcast scale Dec 04, 2019

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Last week, we had Matt Smolen talk to us about the processes and the journey he went through from being a freelancer to hiring his team. We had a deep dive into the business side of growing Balloon Tree Productions.

Just as promised, we’re bringing him back today to talk about the creative side of his business. Now, Matt believes delivering excellent quality is what keeps Balloon Tree Productions running. But what does excellence mean for Matt? Let’s hear it from the man himself.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Matt shares his passion for creating films and being a film director.
  • Matt talks about his short film, “There’s A Mobster Under My Bed,” and how he got into MIFF(Melbourne International Film Festival).
  • Matt relays his...
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How To Scale From Freelancer To A Team Of 4 With Matt Smolen (Part 1) EP#050

podcast scale Nov 27, 2019

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Business owners understand how responsibilities pile up once you decide to scale your business. Responsibilities are a lot easier to bear when we have people to share them with.

In today’s episode, I will be talking to Matt Smolen, owner of Balloon Tree Productions. Just like many other businesses, he started from humble beginnings as a solo freelancer. Matt will be sharing with us how he started, and what it takes to grow from a freelancer to having a team of your own.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Matt’s Backstory: How did Matt go from freelancing to being a business owner?
  • Why Matt has always been conscious about giving an excellent experience to his clients
  • Matt’s story of transition from freelancing to expanding and hiring people
  • ...
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