Shooting on the Sony A7s III - 'Tinbeerwah' - Beauty film and BTS Ep#109


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Here's the Beauty Film

Tinbeerwah is a mountain overlooking Noosa in Queensland Australia. This film is a reflection of the life and culture in the surf community here. We follow champion surfer Bryn Marshall as he hand shapes a surfboard.

E-mount lenses used for the movie
FE 12-24mm F2.8 GM (SEL1224GM)
FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM (SEL1635GM)
FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM (S

Here's the BTS film


Episode Transcription


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From Freelance to Freedom - Guest interview with Lauren Kress The Business Scientist

freelance interview Aug 07, 2020

I was recently invited onto the Grow Your Brand Podcast with Lauren Kress the Business Scientist.  Lauren was a guest on the How to Scale a Video Business Podcast last Month where she shared The 4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker


In this guest interview Lauren asks me about my entrepreneur life, how I made the shift from freelance to freedom and my  top tips for freelance creatives who want to create a scaleable business so they can do the same!

Lauren and I chat about how creative freelancers and videographers can escape the "feast and famine" and the routines I share with my Video Business Accelerator clients employ to grow their business and enjoy life.


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Is Perfectionism Holding You Back From Scaling Your Business - Shorty EP #108


As creatives we can be caught up in a perfectionism mindset and while this is important in editing and post it may not be serving your business more widely.  If you are procrastinating on launching marketing then you'll love this shorty.



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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #107 - The Secret To Cheap and Effective Paid Advertising with Kim Barrett


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Kim Barrett is a world-renowned social media marketer, Facebook advertising expert, speaker, and trainer who helps 6-figure businesses scale to 7-figures.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The #1 mistake almost every video freelancer makes. This is no exaggeration. If your business is stuck in the “feast or famine” cycle, you're probably committing this error. - 3:10

  • A criminally stupid blunder that many video businesses make that stunts their business’s growth, limits their...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #105 - 4 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker - Lauren Kress

neuroscience strategy Jul 09, 2020

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Today, Den interviews Lauren Kress. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science, with honors in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, a Masters in Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design is an expert in neuroscience, creative thinking, interactive media, and advertising for a global market place, and... a great sense of humour.

In this episode, Lauren reveals eye-opening insights into why people do what they do, and how this knowledge can help you win in business, and win big!


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • How having just a...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #104 - How to Create And Maintain Momentum in Your Business - Shorty

momentum planning Jul 09, 2020

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It's easy to get distracted, feel overwhelmed then get stuck.  Today I share how you can unlock that habit and get clarity of what you need to focus on in order to build momentum in your video business


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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #103 -The #1 reason business owners hit a financial “ceiling” and can't bust through

mindset patience podcast Jul 02, 2020

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Today marks the 5-year anniversary of Den and his wife's arrival in Australia from jolly old England. Den reflects on the last 5-years and opens up about the challenges and the business lessons he's gleaned.

 Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The only guarantee in business. The answer to this may seem obvious to you, but no matter how certain this is to happen, most business owners still get caught out by this. - 2:35

  • How to make sure your product or service doesn't become as irrelevant as the DVD. - 3:10

  • Two clever things Den did when he arrived in Australia...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #102 - Budgeting for a $35k 1-Day Corporate Studio Shoot

I break down how we set up and executed a very lucrative 1 day shoot on today's episode.

Also I have 1 space available in my next intake of the Video Business Accelerator. 
Click here if you'd like to schedule a focus session:
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #101 - The Dark Side of Running A Video Business with Danny Lacey

growth mindset podcast Jun 25, 2020

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Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • An almost forgotten way to grow your client base.  Danny used this old-school way to nab his first few clients back in the day, and it works just as good today! - 3:45

  • When speaking before you thinking can be extremely profitable, especially when...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #100 - The Limitless Power of One Thing Focus - Den Lennie

mindset one thing podcast Jun 23, 2020

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If you think you can multi task you are wrong..  our brains can't cope with it.  Instead if you focus on ONE thing you will achieve far more and preserve your energy.

We are also celebrating the 100th episode of this show! 


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