How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #099 - Ever Wonder If You're Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur? with Danny Lacey


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  • Get A Client Follow Up Sales Script: (
  • Danny Lacey is Founder and CEO of Stada Media, a fast-growing content marketing company servicing clients across the UK since 2014. A full-service marketing company working with brands of all sizes.

    Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

    • Danny rattles off the list of services his production company provides. (This takes some time because his production company offers a crapload of them! If you're wondering what a good add-on service or upsell for your video production could be... listen carefully at 3:20)

    • Why Danny's such a late bloomer...
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Can you do me a favour? Shorty EP #098

podcast Jun 16, 2020

We're almost at 100 Episodes! I'd love your help to make the century special.

Go here and records a message and question.

  1. How long have you been listening,
  2. Where are you from and why do you listen to the show
  3. Then ask a question

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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #097 - The Crash Course On Getting Started With Google Ads For Video Businesses - Mike Rhodes

google podcast ppc Jun 11, 2020

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Mike Rhodes is the Founder & CEO of WebSavvy and AgencySavvy

An internationally-recognised speaker and co-author of the most recent “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” with Perry Marshall.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • Two common ways small business owners lose the shirt off their back when using paid advertising. - 1:55
  • Mike gives a 4-minute crash course on getting started with Google ads. (Includes: what to do first, do's and don'ts, budget...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #096 - How to Create Time to "Think" So You Can make Better Decisions


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It's very easy to be busy "doing" all of the time. 

But if you don't engineer thinking time you could be missing out on the small moments where the magic happens.

In this episode, I share how I create time and space and some tips on how you can too. 

Here is a link to a Joe Dispenza mediation I talked about in the episode

Show Transcript


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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #095 - A Little Talked About Benefit of Consistent Marketing - Caleb Maxwell


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Caleb is the Creative Director of Hebron Films a video production company based in Bendigo Australia and is an Active Member of the Video Business Accelerator.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear:

  • Caleb’s secret to getting through tough times in business, and… how to turn them into cold hard cash in the bank. (No theory here, folks. Caleb suffered a brutal “double whammy” during the COVID-19 shut down but…thanks to his unique and powerful approach to problem-solving,...
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How to Follow Up The Right Way With Lapsed Clients - Shorty EP #094

lapsed clients sales Jun 02, 2020

How to Reconnect with Lapsed Clients and Engage Them Again

Sometimes the thought of calling clients is daunting so we typically 'send an email' instead.  In this episode, I share you exactly how to overcome that fear and show you how to engage lapsed clients on the phone and have them be really happy you called.

Get the free training and sales script template here:


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How Thinking "small" Can Be Extremely Profitable - Andrew McLean EP # 093

case study podcast strategy May 28, 2020

Andrew is the founder of Sydney Video Producer, a professional video production and marketing company. With over a decade of experience working alongside major brands and marketing agencies, Andrew has helped hundreds of organisations leverage video to promote, educate, and sell.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • A clever (and profitable) thing Andrew did to quickly replace the sizeable chunk of business he lost due to the COVID-19 (This is something any business owner can do, and Andrew breaks it down beautifully at 4:00)

  • How thinking "small" can be extremely profitable. - 5:05

  • Andrew's shrewd insight into the average business owner that can help you create a far more compelling sales pitch and convert more prospects into clients. - 6:00

  • Why completing a video for a client should be seen as only half the job. (Sadly, most video production owners see it as “job complete”. This is probably why so many video production owners don't have...
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Are You Ready & Prepared to Get Back Into Production? - Shorty EP #092

covid marketing podcast May 27, 2020

Are you ready for the return to production?  It's already happening and I suggest you get ready for what's about to happen next.  




Episode Transcription

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A “juicy” Tip For Building a Rabid YouTube Audience - EP# 091 with Phoebe & Matt (part 2)

podcast travel youtube May 21, 2020

Part 2 of our interview with Little Grey Box award-winning Travel Bloggers and YouTubers.

Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. They work with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with an audience reach of 110,000+

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • How sheer ignorance helped Phoebe when starting her travel business. - 3:10

  • Phoebe's "if I could turn back time" admission. - 6:15

  • A “juicy” tip for building a rabid YouTube audience. - 6:55

  • When and how often to upload your YouTube videos. - 7:10

  • Matt and Phoebe pull back the curtains on their business and give the “down-n-dirty” details of an average day at work. You'll feel exhausted after hearing this! - 10:00

  • FACT: most business owners work around the clock. At 11:55 Den gives a monkey-simple tip on how to avoid turning into a workaholic. Bonus Benefit: can do wonders for your love life, too!

  • A “dead giveaway” for...
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Getting Clear on Your Offer and Marketing Message - Shorty EP #90

marketing podcast May 19, 2020

There has never been a better time to get clarity on your marketing message and target market. In this shorty, I share how you should approach this to help you come out the other end of this pandemic with a clear marketing offer. 




Episode Transcript

Den Lennie 0:02
Howdy guys, Tuesday the 19th of May, week 21 of 2020. Just checking in for this week shorty. And today I wanted to talk about the importance of marketing, especially now as things are starting to open up again. It's a great time to be marketing under control.

As always, we came off our weekly group coaching call with the Accelerator clients. And we did a workshop today, which I'll share a bit about with you Just a minute.

So, we've been focusing a lot of our effort recently on marketing within our community. And that's because really, there hasn't been a more important time to market your video business than there is right now, you know a lot of people have been out of work, and which has been...

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