Advice for Getting Clients You'd Be Nuts Not to Take with Phoebe Lee & Matt Turk - EP #089

Today in the studio, we have Phoebe Lee and Matt Turk - Together they are Little Grey Box award-winning Travel Bloggers and YouTubers.

Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. Together, this charming couple formed a business called Little Grey Box. They work with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with an audience reach of 110,000+

Their business has a truly unique business model that you'll hear all about in this nitty-gritty interview.



Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • Why Matt and Phoebe left their cushy jobs, their nice apartment, and Queensland's gloriously warm and beautiful Sunshine Coast to go and live in a city that's often described as dark and gloomy. - 3:30

  • What Phoebe accidently blurted out to her husband in Bali after a few cocktails that totally changed the direction of their lives. - 4:00

  • A clever thing Matt did when partying with his mates that helped form their travel blog...
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It's Time to Ramp Up Your Marketing & Build Your Business Back Up -Shorty EP #088

facebook marketing podcast May 12, 2020

If you've always regarded marketing as a 'maybe later' task then now is the time to reverse that approach.  Today I'm going to share a 5 step process for generating new enquiries.



Episode Transcript

Guys, Tuesday the 12th of May, week 20 of 2020. Time for this week, shorty just finished our coaching call with the accelerated classes we do every Tuesday. And today we're focusing on advertising. One of the things that has become clear during this whole current situation is that advertising on Facebook is very, very cheap if done correctly. And so what I shared this morning was an approach to not just Facebook but actually marketing in general. And I want to share a bit of that with you Just today.

You know, many, many filmmakers, video production companies, not many of them actually spend money on paid advertising on when we do. It can be a little bit ad hoc. I know in the past I have dabbled with advertising. And before I started learning it properly with the...

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Live-Streaming for Video Production Companies & Filmmakers with Tony Iannuzzi EP#087


Live-streaming is going to provide big opportunities for video production companies in the next 12-18 months so I asked an absolute expert Tony Iannuzzi from AJI Media in Philadelphia to share what you need to think about and be aware of before adding live streaming as a service.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den and Tony discuss live streaming and how it can be a neat and profitable add on service for video production companies. - 4:00
  • Tony's unique and clever approach to doing live streaming. 5:10
  • How Tony's particular live streaming set up gives him a huge advantage over some of the big AV companies and their behemoth-sized production set ups. - 5:25
  • How live events can be an absolute goldmine for video production companies. - 6:10
  • Tony gives a “mini crash course” on live streaming and covers things such as, what to do if you have more than one moving camera - what to do if you're using a Blackmagic camera, and many more tips. - 6:50...
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How to Build Resilience in Your Video Business - EP#086 shorty

mindset planning resilience May 06, 2020

So we've all taken a bit of a beating over Covid - what's next?  Resilience! that's what! It's time to pick yourself up and crack on.  In this Shorty, I share how you can build a strategic plan for the next 30 days. Get the Free Training here


Episode Transcript

G'day guys,

Tuesday the 5th of May.

just tuning in for this week's shorty.

Today was planning day in the Accelerator.

We spend the first Tuesday of every month refining our strategic plan.

I started today with a quote from

Jocko Willink about building resilience setting I'm sure you've had to do a lot of recently

and I think it's worth sharing with you

because, well, you know,

Jocko is a very smart guy. And he says, you know, building resilience

is a decision.

You got rejected.

What's your decision?

You can decide to go knock on another door, or curl up in a little ball and cry. My recommendation is you go and knock on another door and try...

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How The Disruption is Good For The Video Production Industry EP#085 -Jamie McKenzie


Jamie McKenzie runs Pure Productions in New Zeland and had just come out of stage 4 lockdown.  In this interview, we discuss how COVID could be a blessing in disguise for the video industry.


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


    • Jamie talks about his “knee-jerk” reaction upon hearing about his country's (New Zealand) level 4 lockdown, and how he finally came to his senses and started taking advantage of shit-tuation. - 3:30

    • How most production companies are leaving bundles of money on the table, and how to start scooping it up. - 4:50

    • A clever thing to do when your market tightens their belts that can potentially set your business up for a horde of new business in the near future. - 6:00

    • A ridiculously simple (yet overlooked) way to get your production videos a ton more exposure. - 10:20

    • A little-known reason why many video company owners struggle to sell their clients on using video. - 13:00

    • Why Jamie intentionally smashed up one of his cameras,...
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Business is Hard in Good Times So it's ok to Feel Challenged Shorty - EP #084

mindset podcast strategy Apr 28, 2020

It's ok to feel overwhelmed in a crisis especially if you are feeling stuck.  Here are some practical suggestions to help you feel empowered and back in control.

If you are looking for something different to watch check out his from Dr Joe Dispenza -



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The Most Important Focus For a Small Business? EP# 083 - Garry Robinson

marketing podcast strategy Apr 23, 2020

This simple yet often overlooked fact is, if your video business is generating less than $1million per year you are running a marketing business not a video business.  

In this week's episode, I talk to Garry Robinson.  Garry is a marketing consultant & small business coach. He has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in a number of different industries including IT support, corporate consulting, website design, FITNESS, publishing, e-commerce, business coaching and IT training.



Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • Garry gives a quickie rundown of his multiple businesses and reveals the single most important business insight he's gleaned from 25 years in business. - 2:05

  • How some businesses succeed despite having lousy products or services. - 2:50

  • A curious "experiment" Garry is performing in the Sunshine Coast. - 3:20

  • Den and Garry talk about the precarious transition of going from freelancer to business owner and...
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What Are Your Coping Mechanisms? Shorty EP #082

anxiety mindset podcast Apr 20, 2020

How are you coping with the lack of control and being couped up?  In today's episode, I share my strategies for staying sane

I'm feeling anxious because there is so much I have no control over and so am implementing some new self-care mechanisms to get me back to full health and energy.


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How Almost Every Video Business Owner is Selling the Wrong Thing! EP#081- Somi Arian

editing podcast technology Apr 16, 2020

Somi Arian is a speaker, entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker specialising in the impact of technology on the digital native generations.

We return this week to part 2 of our interview where we dig deep into the future of tech and the video industry


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • One of the biggest lessons for any business owner to learn from COVID 19 (If this current situation doesn't show you the value of what Den and Somi discuss at 1:25 ... nothing will!)

  • A common trap that befalls many a business owner when growing their business. This is especially true of ambitious business owners. - 2:00

  • What Somi learned while making her documentary that's now saving her business buckets of money. - 2:30

  • A certain "type" of video production business you can't scale. You could try, but you probably better off buying a lottery ticket. - 3:20

  • What type of business model you should consider if you don't want to get your tail kicked by the ever-changing business landscape...
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Video Producers it’s Time to Step Up & Take the Lead - Shorty EP #080

I've asked Video strategist Ben Amos to join me on today's shorty to explain the framework behind the video strategy blueprint.

Now is a perfect time to learn more about 'Video Strategy' and help you understand how this can become an additional service you can offer your clients.

Register for the Free Webinar here:



It's time for the Rise of the Video Strategist

As video producers it’s time for us to step up, to take the lead, and make a real difference for our clients by creating video that works, video that gets results, video that makes sense in our changing digital world and returns on our client's investment.

No longer is it enough for us to be simply good at our craft, master our ability to shoot creatively, craft a story, or communicate a message for our clients.

What are we really being hired for? To just produce a great video? Or to actually deliver a solution to help grow our clients’...

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