How The Disruption is Good For The Video Production Industry EP#085 -Jamie McKenzie


Jamie McKenzie runs Pure Productions in New Zeland and had just come out of stage 4 lockdown.  In this interview, we discuss how COVID could be a blessing in disguise for the video industry.


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


    • Jamie talks about his “knee-jerk” reaction upon hearing about his country's (New Zealand) level 4 lockdown, and how he finally came to his senses and started taking advantage of shit-tuation. - 3:30

    • How most production companies are leaving bundles of money on the table, and how to start scooping it up. - 4:50

    • A clever thing to do when your market tightens their belts that can potentially set your business up for a horde of new business in the near future. - 6:00

    • A ridiculously simple (yet overlooked) way to get your production videos a ton more exposure. - 10:20

    • A little-known reason why many video company owners struggle to sell their clients on using video. - 13:00

    • Why Jamie intentionally smashed up one of his cameras,...
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