How to Handle not getting paid EP#012

getting paid podcast Feb 18, 2019

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Ever poured your heart out into something for someone else, only to find out you’re not getting anything in return? 

That shouldn’t be the case, and you can avoid it from happening. 

In this episode, Den talks about a video production company taking revenge on a rapper who did not pay them for their work. The company Ridge Productions released a video called “Sheck Wes Didn’t Pay Us for His Music Video, So We Made This (the Mo Bamba dude)” and it has reached almost 2 million views on Youtube. 

Tune in to find out what you could do to avoid these kinds of situations. Learn about systemizing your work by knowing the different steps in post-production and sealing the deal. 


What you’ll learn from this episode...

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How to get paid on time

getting paid Sep 24, 2018

How to get paid on time

One of my clients in The 6-Figure Filmmakers asked this question of the day and I thought it was really gonna be helpful to share it with you and it's all about getting paid.

Now generally speaking creatives are not very good at asking about the money upfront and this is where I think most people are making a massive mistake.

If you have a conversation with your client at the early stage when you're discussing the creative and you say:

...look Bob and we're a small company we're not a bank, we promise we'll deliver you an amazing product and we'll do it on time and we'll do everything that you've asked for in your brief. Can we just ask one thing in return? would you make sure we get paid on time? The 50% up front and then we deliver the final video the remaining 50%. We don't to wait a week ten days two weeks because it really affects our cash flow. Is that cool? Is that an agreement we can come to upfront? “

And generally speaking, people will...

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