The REAL reason most video business owners are always riding the "feast or famine" rollercoaster. EP #130 - Den Lennie

marketing podcast Nov 05, 2020

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Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The REAL reason most business owners are always riding the "feast or famine" rollercoaster. (Hear this unpalatable truth at 0:55)
  • An almost "can't lose" 3-question follow up phone script that can potentially bring in new business that was sitting right under your nose. (Worst case scenario, this script will create a ton of goodwill with your client base. - Starts at 3:20)
  • Den's disturbingly good "I over T" lesson that can make all your marketing efforts comes across more authentic, sincere, and dignified, thus... making it more...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #107 - The Secret To Cheap and Effective Paid Advertising with Kim Barrett


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Kim Barrett is a world-renowned social media marketer, Facebook advertising expert, speaker, and trainer who helps 6-figure businesses scale to 7-figures.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The #1 mistake almost every video freelancer makes. This is no exaggeration. If your business is stuck in the “feast or famine” cycle, you're probably committing this error. - 3:10

  • A criminally stupid blunder that many video businesses make that stunts their business’s growth, limits their...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #099 - Ever Wonder If You're Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur? with Danny Lacey


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  • Ready to Grow Your Video Business (
  • Get A Client Follow Up Sales Script: (
  • Danny Lacey is Founder and CEO of Stada Media, a fast-growing content marketing company servicing clients across the UK since 2014. A full-service marketing company working with brands of all sizes.

    Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

    • Danny rattles off the list of services his production company provides. (This takes some time because his production company offers a crapload of them! If you're wondering what a good add-on service or upsell for your video production could be... listen carefully at 3:20)

    • Why Danny's such a late bloomer...
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How to Scale a Video Business Podcast EP #095 - A Little Talked About Benefit of Consistent Marketing - Caleb Maxwell


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Caleb is the Creative Director of Hebron Films a video production company based in Bendigo Australia and is an Active Member of the Video Business Accelerator.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear:

  • Caleb’s secret to getting through tough times in business, and… how to turn them into cold hard cash in the bank. (No theory here, folks. Caleb suffered a brutal “double whammy” during the COVID-19 shut down but…thanks to his unique and powerful approach to problem-solving,...
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Are You Ready & Prepared to Get Back Into Production? - Shorty EP #092

covid marketing podcast May 27, 2020

Are you ready for the return to production?  It's already happening and I suggest you get ready for what's about to happen next.  




Episode Transcription

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Getting Clear on Your Offer and Marketing Message - Shorty EP #90

marketing podcast May 19, 2020

There has never been a better time to get clarity on your marketing message and target market. In this shorty, I share how you should approach this to help you come out the other end of this pandemic with a clear marketing offer. 




Episode Transcript

Den Lennie 0:02
Howdy guys, Tuesday the 19th of May, week 21 of 2020. Just checking in for this week shorty. And today I wanted to talk about the importance of marketing, especially now as things are starting to open up again. It's a great time to be marketing under control.

As always, we came off our weekly group coaching call with the Accelerator clients. And we did a workshop today, which I'll share a bit about with you Just a minute.

So, we've been focusing a lot of our effort recently on marketing within our community. And that's because really, there hasn't been a more important time to market your video business than there is right now, you know a lot of people have been out of work, and which has been...

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It's Time to Ramp Up Your Marketing & Build Your Business Back Up -Shorty EP #088

facebook marketing podcast May 12, 2020

If you've always regarded marketing as a 'maybe later' task then now is the time to reverse that approach.  Today I'm going to share a 5 step process for generating new enquiries.



Episode Transcript

Guys, Tuesday the 12th of May, week 20 of 2020. Time for this week, shorty just finished our coaching call with the accelerated classes we do every Tuesday. And today we're focusing on advertising. One of the things that has become clear during this whole current situation is that advertising on Facebook is very, very cheap if done correctly. And so what I shared this morning was an approach to not just Facebook but actually marketing in general. And I want to share a bit of that with you Just today.

You know, many, many filmmakers, video production companies, not many of them actually spend money on paid advertising on when we do. It can be a little bit ad hoc. I know in the past I have dabbled with advertising. And before I started learning it properly with the...

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Live-Streaming for Video Production Companies & Filmmakers with Tony Iannuzzi EP#087


Live-streaming is going to provide big opportunities for video production companies in the next 12-18 months so I asked an absolute expert Tony Iannuzzi from AJI Media in Philadelphia to share what you need to think about and be aware of before adding live streaming as a service.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den and Tony discuss live streaming and how it can be a neat and profitable add on service for video production companies. - 4:00
  • Tony's unique and clever approach to doing live streaming. 5:10
  • How Tony's particular live streaming set up gives him a huge advantage over some of the big AV companies and their behemoth-sized production set ups. - 5:25
  • How live events can be an absolute goldmine for video production companies. - 6:10
  • Tony gives a “mini crash course” on live streaming and covers things such as, what to do if you have more than one moving camera - what to do if you're using a Blackmagic camera, and many more tips. - 6:50...
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The Most Important Focus For a Small Business? EP# 083 - Garry Robinson

marketing podcast strategy Apr 23, 2020

This simple yet often overlooked fact is, if your video business is generating less than $1million per year you are running a marketing business not a video business.  

In this week's episode, I talk to Garry Robinson.  Garry is a marketing consultant & small business coach. He has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in a number of different industries including IT support, corporate consulting, website design, FITNESS, publishing, e-commerce, business coaching and IT training.



Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:


  • Garry gives a quickie rundown of his multiple businesses and reveals the single most important business insight he's gleaned from 25 years in business. - 2:05

  • How some businesses succeed despite having lousy products or services. - 2:50

  • A curious "experiment" Garry is performing in the Sunshine Coast. - 3:20

  • Den and Garry talk about the precarious transition of going from freelancer to business owner and...
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Why immediately writing down your ideas is a BAD idea, and what to do instead EP#077 - Ben Simkin

marketing mindset podcast Apr 02, 2020

Today, we have Ben Simkin in the studio.

Who is Ben Simkin?

Ben Simkin is the founder of BusinessNET, a leading Online Marketing Firm that to-date has increased clients' sales by over $1.45 billion. BusinessNET provide end-to-end marketing and sales services to established companies worldwide.

In other words, Ben Simkin is a very successful and a plenty smart dude.

If you’re wanting to ramp up your productivity and achieve more than you ever thought possible, then listen closely to this episode and prepare to take notes.

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Here's a sneak peek at Den and Ben's chat:


  • The "HBU" theory. This is perhaps the greatest (and the most powerful and effective) productivity concept ever invented. This was discovered by a genius economist from the...
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