How to Overcome Anxiety in business with Sam Lennie EP#057

anxiety podcast stress Jan 23, 2020

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For many business owners anxiety is a hidden burden that we all to often try to brush under the carpet

As an intuitive healer/therapist, this topic is right in Sam’s wheelhouse.  If you've ever experienced any form of anxiety or stress in your video business this episode will certainly help. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den's admittedly "odd" podcast intro. (And... he blames his wife for the unusual intro - 0:05)
    • The brave question Den asked his wife that probably only one man out of 1000 would ever ask.  - 1:10
  • Sam makes her podcast debut and rattles off her impressive (and unique) job description. - 1:45

    • Sam's "head to heart" secret for lowering work-related stress - or any type of stress for that matter. (This little-know stress-reducing secret is...
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